By Harry Juma

There are different ways that people from different religions carry themselves. There are specific traditions and practices that vary from one religion to another.

It is so interesting when one gets to learn how the people from other religions conduct various things in relation to upholding their integrity and status.

Of specific interest today is one of Muslim practices with regard to burial and whether or not women from the Islamic religion are allowed to visit graveyards.

Apparently, the women in the Islamic faith are not allowed to visit graveyards for a number of reasons. One then may ask, is it written in the Quran? Well know it is not written anywhere in the Quran but it is still part of their culture. It is however found in various Islamic manuscripts.

So why is it that women are not allowed to visit graveyards while men can freely do it? Prophet Muhammad had earlier forbidden women to do it. The reason why prophet Muhammad did that is because during those days, the sense of attachment to the dead by the living was so common.

Women compared to men are emotionally weak and that is one reason they were not allowed to do it. Since they were emotionally weak, one way they were to be protected was to barr them from graves and seeing dead people. Considering the emotional vulnerability of women, chances are that when they are anywhere near the grave, they might start wailing and weeping which is right according to the Islamic culture.

Wailing and weeping could be temptous to the men around and they might as well break out and that would be so bad. In a bid to protect women, from emotional turmoil, Allah forbade them from visiting graves.

When both men and women gather in the grave, men may be tempted in many ways and so Allah was in a way protecting them.

What then happens if a woman visits the grave without knowing? Actually there is no punishment for any woman who visits the graveyard either knowingly or unknowingly. They don’t even have to offer any Kafarah. The only thing the woman has to do is ask Allah for forgiveness and repent and she will be forgiven.

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