Mwapasa and Mutharika (from left)

Malawi Police is degenerating further under Acting Inspector General, Duncan Mwapasa and his boss President Peter Mutharika.

For the past months, Malawi Police conduct and non action on serious matters has shown that Mwapasa is ready to do anything to please his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) masters.

Police brutality and favoring of DPP has been so blatant such that Malawi Police has almost turned into a wing of the so called ruling party.

Last week, DPP cadet thugs from Mangochi travelled to Blantyre on a mission to hack Citizens for Transformation leader, Timothy Mtambo. Luckily, the thugs were intercepted by Tonse Alliance security personnel in Ndirande.

Although Ndirande masses wanted to immediately apply mob justice, Tonse Alliance security personnel called the police who whisked them away.

As expected, the DPP thugs were released on police bail on the same day. This is the kind of efficiency that only DPP members are privileged to.

The same night, the thugs recorded a video boasting about their connections and talking about their next plans to hack the opposition members in what they called their home ground in Mangochi.

These are the same thugs that the police immediately released when Chilimba residents caught them breaking Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and National Registration Bureau equipment. The thugs’ objective was to stop the fresh presidential elections.

The series of police unprofessional conducts are getting worse under Mwapasa, a die hard DPP supporter.

The conduct of the police is threatening the peace that they are actually mandated to protect.

In fact, some of the things the police have done lately shows that Mwapasa has no interest whatsoever even to pretend to be professional. As an acting Inspector General, he is just interested in keeping his job, whatever it takes.

For example, a few weeks ago, thepolice clashed with prison guards who were demanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against coronavirus as well as hazard pay, promotions and improvement on general working conditions. The guards said working without PPE in the crowded prisons puts them at risk, a fact that no sane person can dispute.

Surprisingly police used tear gas to disperse the protesting guards in various jails across the country.

The guards resisted by throwing stones and pointing guns at police vehicles, forcing them to withdraw.

In Mzuzu, there was actual shooting that almost turned the prison premises into a war zone.

The conduct of the police was unbelievably stupid. It’s incredible that they thought that they could disperse armed guards with teargas.

It is obvious that someone was too desperate to stop the the striking guards. That person must be the person who was supposed to hear the guards’ grievances, the Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi who is also the DPP spokesperson. Of course we know Dausi gets his instructions from President Mutharika.

The same week Malawi police stormed churches in Balaka, to stop prayers ‘to enforce Covid-19 measures’.

They reportedly evacuated worshipers from churches as part of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) following the directive by government banning all public gatherings.

This is despite the fact that DPP has been holding political gatherings across the country with the police present to provide security, not to disperse them. What is more worrying is that the police were doing this despite the fact that the matter concerning restriction of people’s rights under the covid 19 measures is in court and there is an injunction that stops blanket restrictions also called lockdown. The police deliberately disregarded this.

Coincidentally, on Tuesday, 28th April, President Mutharika while addressing the nation at Sanjika on Covid 19 measures, said, “Coming to the issue of the lockdown, this matter is before the Courts. On our part, we will proceed to do what is necessary to save lives as circumstances warrant. For me, the right to life is supreme above all other rights.”

The president continued to say that once government implements other covid 19 measures, it would proceed to restrict movement of people.

That’s despite the fact that there is an injunction stopping such restrictions.

For someone who doesn’t know how desperate Mutharika is to retain power, such words would mean that he cares about Malawians. But we all know the attempt to implement a lockdown, despite the fact that Malawi didn’t have  many Covid 19 cases, was simply to delay the fresh elections.

President Mutharika is willing to disregard court orders and the laws that he swore to protect in order to cling to power.

Mwapasa is a willing participant to this crime against our democracy. He is in a pact with old Mutharika to undermine Malawi’s democracy.

As the nation prepares for the fresh elections, Malawians should not allow these delinquents to get away with actions that only serve their party, cronies and tribesmen.

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