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Mutharika’s threats to use force are delusional

Mutharika July 6th

Written by Patseni Mauka

On 6th July 2019, a day that marked Malawi’s 55th anniversary of independence from Britain, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) President Peter Mutharika accused the latest demonstration organizers of plotting to oust ‘his government’ and warned that the organizers will be dealt with severely. He said, “we will hold each one of them accountable, force will be met by force and this nonsense will come to an end.” That’s how powerful Mutharika believes he is.

A state president, a name that I refuse to say for DPP President Peter Mutharika, gets his power from the people. In return, state organs like the security forces defend him and take orders from him. This plus the laws that gives a president different powers are what makes presidents look powerful.

Unfortunately, these powers are sometimes used to order arrests and torture of innocent people with dissenting views. The Malawi Police has become the organ for abuse of power. Overtime, Mutharika’s DPP has recruited its youth cadets as police officers.

Some of such officers were filmed campaigning for a DPP parliamentary candidate in the southern region of Nsanje. In a shocking video still circulating on social media, police officers were seen doing door to door campaign for DPP’s candidate for Nsanje Lalanje, Gladys Ganda. The officers were identified as Inspector Harriet Khwengwe, a nurse based at police headquarters in Area 30, Lilongwe and Inspector Modester Msuku based at Police Training School in Blantyre.

Because of these party cadets serving in the police force and some police officers who are just completely unprofessional, the police have become a terrorizing tool for the so-called ruling party. Anyone from the party can give orders to the police. The police have abandoned their work of protecting people without fear or favor. They are used for fighting anyone that opposes government.

Recently, the police wantonly threw scores of teargas canisters at the MCP headquarters where MCP supporters converged in preparation for a demonstration in demand for electoral justice. The police just threw the teargas without any provocation from the supporters at all.

Glasses were broken in what was clearly police violence against the people they are supposed to protect. Bonafide Malawians were treated as enemy combatants for just having an appetite to demonstrate, a right which is duly enshrined in the constitution.

On the other hand, the same police officers cannot arrest ruling party hooligans. That is why DPP terrorists always get away with anything including murder. Social media is full of videos of DPP thugs terrorizing members of other parties, but the police never arrest these thugs. It’s only the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers that beat the crap out of the DPP thugs who were terrorizing demonstrators in Blantyre last week. It was a joy to watch.

With all this unmistakable bias, the police have lost credibility. The police behave unprofessionally and throw teargas carelessly as if that’s the only thing they were taught in training. During the latest demonstrations some teargas ended up affecting MDF soldiers who were supporting the police in security matters. This happened in Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

To protect the people and themselves from the teargas, the soldiers gave the police officers some bloody good hiding. The soldiers took over the security for the demonstrations from the police. Within a week, our good soldiers have taken down two groups of people that the DPP president uses to terrorize his own people, DPP cadets and the police. These two groups will think twice before terrorizing peaceful demonstrators again.

As it stands, the illegitimate president has lost both his DPP thugs and the police. The army has taken good care of these parasites. The army is simply professional and can’t be used to implement Mutharika’s threats. If anything, he should be careful because he can get a plane back to Chicago before he knows it.

Now, Mutharika has no tools to implement his threats to use force. In fact, he is now moving between state houses with maximum caution because citizens are ready to attack his convoy anytime. Any threats to use force are just delusional utterances common with people who also show signs of dementia. Don’t take Mutharika seriously, his end is near. Be relentless and seriously take part in demonstrations.

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