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My Take On It: Malawi on sale, the will of voters is Tippexed, and officials financial gains rise

Peter Mutharika

President Mutharika has warned that his goverment will not rehabilitate structures being demolished by MCP in the Central Region.

Peter Mutharika


Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. — Revelation 2:5

On May 21, 2019 Malawians turned out in large numbers and voted. Election results announced by the Malawi election regulatory body, the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) declared incumbent President Arthur Peter Mutharika the winner with 1,940,709 votes, against his competitors  Malawi Congress Party Dr Lazarus Chakwera who got 1,781,740, and United Transformation Movement  President, former Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima attained 1,018,369 votes.

Despite over 147 cases of reported voter fraudulent actions by with MEC officials or members of the President’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), MEC Chair Dr. Jane Ansah announced Mutharika as the winner. Several days later, the announcement of parliamentary and councilor election results gave the DPP a clear lead with a majority; MCP trailed while UTM and other party’s seats meant that even as a united front the opposition could not form a strong voice in parliament. The independent MPs were being wooed to join the government side.

Since then, Malawians have taken to the streets countrywide. In protest. Their votes were stolen, as tally sheet after tally sheets were surfacing, complete with TippXed marks. Votes for either MCP or UTM were altered to favor DPP candidates.

In 1995 Malawi held a landmark Constitutional Conference that took out the nuances of the one party state of former President Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda; however more importantly the conference brought into the country elements of democracy. Among these were multiple political parties, the rule of law, fairness, and elections where Malawians make their voices heard through the ballot that sends to elected offices. The conference was chaired by law professor Peter Mutharika; it brought the country a credible living document that has guided us these 25 years.

The constitution was solid and firm, such that through it Malawi’s first democratic President Dr Bakili Muluzi of United Democratic Front (UDF) failed dismally to have it changed to pave away for him to contest for a third term of office. His failure led him to handpick economist Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika. With the covert intent to puppeteer the soft-spoken Bingu, the third term would be Muluzi’ heart’s desire fulfilled.

Unfortunately within six months Bingu ditched the UDF and formed the DPP, after what Bingu said he could not operate under the overt corrupt practices of the UDF, especially when “the majority Malawians were living in abject poverty.”

Fast forward to 2019 and ironically, this is the same reason recent former Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima left the DPP to form the UTM. In 2005 President Bingu wa Mutharika formed DPP because he was appalled at the flagrant corruption among them money laundering and looting of government resources, nepotism, empty medical stores, government paying in full for unfinished  projects.

The DPP under APM of 2019 has turned full circle and went overboard on May 21, 2019 when a consignment of Tipp-Ex nit only tipped president Mutharika’ win Presidency, but also secured for the DPP a truckload of parliamentarians. And because the currency of money (not love for country), any floating independent MP, eager to enter the jet set lifestyle of politicians, DPP has enough votes to do anything it wants.

This should, and it has, caused the eyebrows of Malawians – those who love their country. Many of them do and their love has caused them to pour out onto Malawi’s streets in protest at the stolen vote through Tipp-Ex  and the bribing of election officials and other stakeholders.

We applaud the MCP and UTM for standing up for what is right; they have through their leaders Chakwera and Chilima, refused to let the Malawi people be duped by the illegality of the election results by approaching the High Court. The matter is to be resolved by the Constitutional Court.

There are several issues for Malawians to consider and keep in mind. Over 4 million Malawian votes were cast for the president that should rule Malawi in the next five years. There is no one, not even the president, has a right to alter that decision of the Malawi people. May our democratic ideals, in this God-fearing country, prevail as our solid Constitution is tested and the Court gives its opinion on the matter.

Secondly for the MEC to continue reigning as a credible election regulator, especially in matters where flagrant election fraud and tampering of results are in plain sight. The evidence of altered original copies that do not match their carbon copies, raises multiple eyebrows on one face front.

Thirdly, Malawi continues to face various challenges both natural and man-man that put Malawians in difficult circumstances that spirals them into further poverty. It is an obscenity of grand proportions that officials flippantly prance about dishing money’s to deceitfully enthrone persons for whom the Malawi electorate did not cast their vote. The government would be better if they could spend such money’s for eradicating poverty, buy medicines for government hospitals, or invest in a public transport system, etc.

Lastly to President Mutharika, as a law professor, one who helped steer the conference that brought Malawi its democratic Constitution, how do you feel, seeing as Malawi is at the daunting  risk of plunging back to a one party state? As a lawyer with impeccable sterling by the rule of law lifestyle, how can you honestly, comfortably, and confidently steer the pro-poor party your late brother Dr Bingu wa Mutharika (God rest his soul) founded and built, while your party functionaries ply various officials to perform illegal election activities in exchange for financial incentives?

Today’s DPP is the chief generator of the very open corruption from which Bingu left the party that led him to the State House to form the DPP. Today Malawi is on sale, as the will of voters is Tipp-Exed, and officials gain financially.

There are three last words of wisdom Malawians want from President Mutharika

PLEASE stop rewarding officials for their wrong-doing;

The Malawi people deserve to be given back their votes; and

Nullify the may 21, 2019 tripartite elections.

Long live genuine democracy!

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