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Nigeria Fading Away By Evans Ufeli Esq.

Sometimes fear grips me that these fragile moments of life will fade away. It seems that I write against erasure. We are at the moment in this country struggling against uncertainty.

The cost of food now in the open market is gradually becoming an existential threat to the middle class, sub-middle class and the proletariats. 

This is largely so because food production in Nigeria is from subsistence farming, where crops are cultivated manually and sold across the country. 

The agricultural sector, however overstretched in Nigeria, had covered a void in the economy for so many years since manufacturing died for lack of electricity in our country. 

Government failed woefully to provide power for companies to flourish, so they all left us to neighboring countries and this shook the foundation of our economy so badly with inflation doubling in geometric proportions. 

Today, the government has failed again to provide security as farmers can no longer access their farms, not to talk of cultivating any crop therein. The result of this is the current hike in the prices of food as insecurity has displaced farmers, many have lost their lives while others have lost seedlings and  are currently taking refuge in the IDPs  across the country. 

Under the watch of our government, two significant aspects of our economic well-being have been ruptured and completely ruined for lack of power and insecurity. There is a third one today – the educational sector. 

Our schools at all levels are under severe attacks. Bandits are going from schools to schools, kidnapping children, disrupting educational activities, and demanding ransoms from their victims under intense threat to kill them if they fail to pay ransoms. 

Government on her part isn’t willing to fund education either, so we are gradually shutting-down on all our major socio-economic indices and activities to contend fully with real misery in the days to come.

 The situation is scary because it doesn’t look like this government has any solution to the myriad of problems it has allowed to pile up to this stage. 

If the forces of insurgency weakens us further by impoverishing us economically and politically, the enemies will have succeeded in overrunning  this space to impose a system on us that will neither allow freedom nor grant us our fundamental rights. 

I would therefore advocate, that the Nigerian citizens must think about the future of this country and do something fast about it. We don’t know where government’s loyalty lies in the matter under reference. The government has refused to name and prosecute the sponsors of insurgencies. It has people who have professed sympathy for terrorism in its cabinet and it has been incredibly cold-feeted in bringing the enemies of the state to justice. What is invariably means is that government has not shown the credibility of decency and the faith that it can be trusted. 

I shall go to Rabbi again 

Evans Ufeli is a Lagos based Lawyer and Executive Director, Cadrell Advocacy Centre

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