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No working elevators at Kamuzu Central Hospital

No medicine in Malawi’s public hospitals

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Elevators at the Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) have broken down, forcing patients, including the critically ill, to use stairs.

Elevators are used to ferry patients and bodies unto different locations. Some guardians said it has been four days since the lifts broke down.

According to the guardians, the hospital has hired people to help guardians move patients and dead bodies through the stairs.

“You see those people sitting by the elevator? They are waiting for people that may need assistance to be carried,” said one guardian.

Hospital officials have asked for more time before commenting on the matter. However one employee, who sought for anonymity, said authorities are working to fix the elevators.

This is not the first time elevators have broken down and caused mobility challenges at one of Malawi’s largest and oldest tertiary hospitals.

Kamuzu Central Hospital is a four-storey building with some wards and treatment rooms located in the upper floors.

For easy mobility elevators are used to ferry patients especially those that are in critical condition and bodies unto different locations.

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