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Of a collapsed school house in Zomba; Tenders and builders need to be held accountable for poor workmanship

By Saunders Jumah

Malawi as a nation is grieved to hear of the sudden death of the future leaders at a place where enlightenment is supposed to be obtained.

A nation that ignores its foundation is lost. Education is the key and genesis to any civilisation.

As Maenga we are very disappointed seeing that last months primary school leaving certificate students sat for examination on the floor with desk-less classrooms.

We are asking how can in the year of “two thousand and eighteen” this kind of slavery education is taking place in an independent Malawi.

This is life in most parts of the country, education just as health services have been ignored to deterioration.

This is mainly because the children of the presidents, ministers, members of parliament and principal secretaries that run Malawi affairs send their children to foreign schools outside Malawi.

This is the same because when presidents and ministers fall sick they are flown to South Africa, Egypt or India for the state of the art facilities. Hence no care at home because they and their children do not get schooled or treated here.

Maenga and the Utopian demand that all civil servants starting from the president, relatives, ministers and principal secretaries be barred from sending their children to foreign schools or be treated in foreign hospitals if our facilities are to be improved. All of us must use education and health facilities at home.

Malawi has a greedy mindset of taking extra care politicians while tax payers people are left to die or rot.

Many outskirts of the country side receive state care only when the president is visiting the areas, this is so with roads infrastructure or structures where the president is to hold meetings or rallies. This is naivety of politics in Malawi.

Why would a grader be sent to grade a road going to Khombwe from Chileka airport just because president Bakili Muluzi is visiting the area? Why should the president be accorded such treatment when he is supposed to provide development to all across the country?

Last time a grader passed my home area was when former Bakili Muluzi visited Khombwe in 1998.

Do governments think of the people living in those areas? Do the government know that we need passable roads just as they do?

The system of according “Godly treatment” to politicians is what is making Malawi to remain the poorest in the World.

Politicians are servants of the people they are not rich businessmen to be given red carpet treatment. They need to go in the mud for them to appreciate the gravity of problems faced by citizens across the country.

We demand compensation to the families of deceased from the Ministry of education for constructing dilapidated infrastructures that killed innocent children.

We also demand the same to victims of road accidents caused by half-bituminized roads that DPP and president Peter Mutharika are constructing in Malawi in the name of development.

Humanity must be respected and treated with dignity. We are not pets, we are humans who deserve a full menu of rights, some of which are quality education and standard health facilities.

On behalf of the chairman and Administrator of Maenga we pay our condolences for the loss of life.

The Malawi we need is not the one we have now where a president possess five state houses, drive in 50 vehicle convoy when our future is being built in dilapidated school blocks, empty class rooms where a floor is a desk.

Condolences to you all, we are mourning with you. Your tears are the tears of the nation.

Saunders Jumah is a regular Maravi Post contributor works for MAENGA;

His views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

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