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Of Malawi President Mutharika’s wrong choices on running-mates; As First lady Gertrude resumes executive powers

First lady Gertrude Mutharika shaking hands with Atupele Muluzi

By Iddris Nasah

I recall talking to several top Democratic Progressive Party (DPP ministers last year who were struggling to believe what had just happened: How could we come up with such an uninspired running mate?

Deep in their bones, they knew Everton Chimulirenji was grossly under-qualified to be vice president of anything, let alone of a country-but they could not summon the courage to tell the people who chose Chimulirenji that this was a bad joke.

What criteria had been used to choose Chimulirenji above all the other capable people in the DPP?

Well, the sinister story behind it is that this was part of a plan for Getrude Mutharika’s ascension to power in 2024.

A pliant Chimulirenji would be easy to push away to make way for Professor Gertrude Mutharika to succeed Professor Peter Mutharika.

These people truly think Malawi belongs to them, and can do with it as they wish.

They are driven by nothing but the whimsical arbitrariness of greed.
This time, they are back with another trick.

Their 82-year-old candidate is not only too old, but is grounded because he is in poor health and has zero energy, drive and motivation needed to run Malawi.

The nonsense that he is too busy to be seen in public is just that; utter nonsense, and Malawians should stop making excuses for nonsense. Campaigning is the equivalent of a job interview.

If you don’t attend interviews, you cannot be hired for the job. Those pushing the narrative that Peter is too busy to attend interviews for the job of president have clearly overestimated their ability to fool Malawians.

We know that they will wheel him out to address two or three campaign rallies, but what is clear to anyone who values truth is that this man is not fit to run this country, not for a day longer.

We now have a deeper problem, which is the collapse of state authority because of the vacuum at the top.

With President Mutharika on the sick bed and with the Vice President maligned and sidelined, Gertrude Mutharika gives executive orders and prances about as if she was elected to be president of this country.

She is deliberately confusing and conflating the institution of marriage and that of the State. Paul Chisale goes about firing his gun and shooting innocent people, and nothing happens to him.

Then we have someone running around dressed in the borrowed robs of a motorcade that he isn’t entitled to, but will abuse it anyway.

Then we have the criminal fiasco of how the hundreds of people returning from South Africa were dumped into a stadium, yet the corona committee was allocated billions.
Nobody is in charge, and that should worry us.

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