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Of political spanners on MP Kabwira despite loyalty to MCP

SALIMA-(MaraviPost)-The main opposition Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Salima North-West constituency, Dr. Jessie Kabwira still basking in the political mudslinging despite her loyalty to the party.

This is has become very expensive to handle as stones come from one corner of her political path in the constituency and the ranks and files of MCP.

Dr. Kabwira is into this political punches after openly stood on principles of following MCP’s constitution when running the party’s affairs.

Because of the standing on what she believes politically within and outside her party, she has been subjected to emotional and physical tortures including the failed treason case, petrol bombing of her vehicle among others.

There has been two fords of the origin of these tortures; within MCP and governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) due to Kabwira open criticism to both camps.

However, much spanner is coming from her own party with several allegations that she is aligned to DPP even rumours keep on circulating that she is joining President Peter Mutharika government.

The Salima-North West lawmaker who is also the Malawi Parliamentary Women caucus and SADC Parliamentary chairpersons has been in political fights since 2015. But with the zeal and standing on principle she has escaped all the political and life scare.

Here is a dedicated legislator serving her constituency day and night under MCP banner by linking up her community with meaningful development including boreholes, bridges, school blocks, social-cash programs among others, but the party still punishing her for standing on principle.

Despite all the political mud-stringing, Kabwira still reaffirms total commitment to the party saying will not leave for other parties.

Dr. Kabwira says she remains MCP loyal members despite the party’s political punches she keeps on getting when striving for constitutionalism.

The lawmaker adds that she will die in the party no matter how hard the path might be when she is pushing for law and order in the party.

“I am a very loyal member of MCP, come rain and sunshine. I will always remain MCP member for the next general elections.

“Standing on principle that the party should follow the constitution and that Malawi leadership must meet the citizens needs in time of trouble, all these end me up in jail and other unbearable treatment. But I know with God’s help will reach the destiny”, assures Kabwira.

Eventually, Salima-North West legislator has finally running with court battles along side with Secretary General (SG) Gustavo Kaliwo, Vice President Richard Msowoya, deputy secretary general James Kaunda, treasurer general Tony Kandiero who were suspended for unknown reasons.

However, High Court seating in Blantyre on Thursday, February 01, came to their rescue after granting a stay order stopping MCP leadership to suspend them until inter-parte hearing.

The court is therefore yet to make the ruling of vacating the injunction after it was extended to prevent the party conducting its much awaited convention this month in Mzuzu.

“I was surprised when I got the letter that I have been fired from the party without even given me reason for such an action. This is to end my political career which will not happen as am here to serve my people.

“This is the reason I got an injunction stopping this undemocratic tendencies for natural justice to prevail. This stay order just confirms my full loyalty to the party. The injunction must unite us as we are preparing to take power in 2019,” Kabwira assures.

The lawmaker who is also Chairperson for Parliamentary committee on women caucus hinted that will not leave MCP to another party till the end.

Kabwira was however surprised that her constituents, district and lake-shore regional committees were not aware of her reasons for being fired from the party.

Even Salima North West constituency’s Secretary Misheck Chizinga shared the same concerns of being in the dark their legislator’s firing.

Chizinga said that the constituency is not aware of any wrong doing Kabwira has done to deserve the party’s rough.

He therefore requested the MCP leadership to bring evidence of any wrong doing for the constituency to discipline her.

“We just heard from the radio that our MP was fired without informing us as to why she got such a treatment. This is not the time for wrangles as the public are having trust in MCP to take after 2019 elections,” worried Chizinga.

According to the civil case number 34 of 2018 is between claimants; Secretary General (SG) Gustavo Kaliwo, Vice President Richard Msowoya, deputy secretary general James Kaunda, treasurer general Tony Kandiero and Publicity Secretary Jessie Kabwira, and defendants; MCP President Lazarus Chakwera, Ezekiel Ching’oma and NEC members.

The court has ordered the MCP NEC not to summon any claimants to the disciplinary inquires and from suspending them until trial of action or until further order of the court.

“Until the hearing of the inter-parte application for an injunction or until a further order, the defendant by either themselves, their agents, servants or otherwise however be and are hereby restrained from inviting the claimant to a disciplinary or suspending them from their member of Malawi Congress Party or from perform their duties of the position that they hold in the party.

“If you disobey this order, you may be found guilty of contempt of court and may be sent to prison or fined of your assets may be seized. Within the next 14 days an inter-parte summons must be issued,” reads the stay order.

The claimants are represented by lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale and the stay order has been served already to MCP leadership and NEC.

Banking on court verdict is another jack port which Kabwira’s enemies eye for.

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