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Reverend Phyllix Chingota and Mr. Robert Phiri! We are more than disappointed over your action to call off the dawn of our second revolution for a new Malawi that was to be born after the 13th of December 2017.

Malawians from all walks of life from within and without had prepared ourselves to grace this day to shower our utmost love of the country by peacefully gathering with intent to tell the World that we are being led by a government that defies and suffers from scotomaphobia of democracy and the rule of law.

As always our nation relies and depend on you for your Godly voice. By calling the demonstrations off you have costed our nation the eyes of the world and denied our country an opportunity to undress the government whose actions are theft, lies, state looting, killing, torture, backwardness and ruining.

Truth be told 99 out of every 100 people are against this government of Peter Mutharika. This government was supposed to come even before Kamuzu Banda in 1964 because it does not fit to be a government in this era of enlightenment.

Calling off the protests is one blunder, you as a faith organization has ever done from the history of our second liberation of our country. The litmus test to show this government that each and every bonafide citizen is done tired and disappointed of it was this mass action that has been cancelled.

Yes! We were killed under Dr. Kamuzu Banda, yes! We were crooked under Dr. Bakili Muluzi but state thieves were apprehended. Kamuzu Banda under public opinion removed John Tembo from Reserve Bank Governor position.

Bakili Muluzi removed his erstwhile and founder of UDF Brown Mpinganjira from ministerial position because of our outcry over corruption and public theft.

What type of a president is this we have in Malawi that does nothing when billions are being looted in his eyes and body? Each and every day news exposing Peter Mutharika’s government theft by ministers, principal secretaries, party stalwarts, wife and children are reported involving billions but he (Peter Mutharika) keep quite and say no word.

We have exposed a list and our friends who sympathize with our national suffering from the very thieving government have helped with information on how this government is milking state funds but Peter Mutharika is blindly mute.

From the onset MK577 billion is still wrapped under cover despite forensic audit completed. Government watch dogs and ministries responsible issues a statement that 13 files must not be made public, some of the thieves having power to get court injunctions barring the publicity of such dirty deals, Peter Mutharika keeps quite.

The MK30 billion stolen by the system of his late brother exposed during the two year stint of Joyce Banda restrict prosecution only for Orange and Joyce Banda supporters.

The probe of the source of funds that built his brothers estate at Ndatha Farm and the theft of MK92 billion by Bingu Wa Mutharika is defended and prevented from being executed by courts despite evidence that huge sums of money are lying in offshore numbered Swiss accounts.

From 2014 todate billions are siphoned on a minute basis by his closest cronies but noone is apprehended.

Case in point George Chaponda, the 6 ministers whose case files are hidden at the Attorney General’s offices. The Central medical stores issue involving his step son and first lady, the Tractor gate that his minions and other greedy parliamentarians got at a give away prices.

Almost each and every ministry has been involved in the cash gate involving billions.

On the eve of the postponed protest latest news exposes finance minister Goodall Gondwe to have siphoned MK568 million that was paid to a bogus Pioneer Investment company.

This exposee’ is coming while the nation is whispering in anger against the MK64 million that Lloyd Muhara swindled using a single source procurement of office furniture.

We are aware before the end of the year 2017 many more scandals will be exposed. But President Peter Mutharika enjoys our taxes at plot number one with all privileges and bonuses in silence.

Yet on the ground citizens are living a life of 1950s without electricity, drinking sewage water, having no development, our roads are killing many citizens because of colonial size and model, businesses are closing and no investment is forthcoming.

To make matters worse the core reason that prompted the nation under you to call and prepare for “mass action” the “Electoral Reforms” have been tampered with and you call off the demonstrations??????????????

Our group is disappointed over your actions. The mass actions were supposed to be called off only if the government conceded and presented the recommended reforms as were proposed.

Where in the world did the 50+1 voting pattern involved members of parliament and councillors?

The 50+1 appeal only to the position that holds executive powers of state.

By amending and tampering the government of Peter Mutharika is not thinking of the future of our nation, he is thinking of himself and his party.

Having such a leader who think of himself when he over 79 years is greed of the highest degree.

President Peter Mutharika has failed to act in a fatherly figurehead, he lacks any stamina of leaving a legacy. Do not be surprised to see that man fleeing the country after losing elections to the US where he holds a green card and, and still service his health insurance.

We were relying on you PAC because your voice had reached all corners of the globe. We had planned in solidarity to do likewise in all embassies that Malawi represent to signal to the world that we are being led and ruled by a worst government ever in Malawi.

Now that you have called off the protests; it is our willingness to appeal to you to look at the corruption and theft of public funds by this government.

Call for another mass action to push the government to apprehend and prosecute all the thieves that have stolen state funds or else no one must go to work or move.

This must be a call for a sit-in because if you call for demonstrations in the streets, our people will be killed by the violent police as was the case in July 2011 when we lost 20 of ourselves.

This petition must give Peter Mutharika and his government an ultimatum of 6 months to clean up his government from thieves, crooks, looters and corrupt people starting with Bingu’ s wealth, George Chaponda, the 13 files, Lloyd Muhara and Goodall Gondwe.

This government will only follow the wishes of the people with ultimatums otherwise by 2019 our country will be worse than now.

If we add the amount of money stolen by DPP and Peter Mutharika from 2007 todate. Could we be going around the globe begging? Could we be crying for AID?

Could we be suffering for lack and shortage of energy in 2017? Could our citizens be dying in hospitals for lack of drugs and facilities? Could our roads be death traps? Could we be hungry? If this money was not stolen the answer is no.

Dear PAC and all other patriotic citizens, it must pain you all that Malawi has been isolated from the annals of better nations because of this government.

We must not sit back, this is the only nation we call home. Leaving it in the hands of destroyers will be subjecting the generation after us ridicule.

Which calls for the reinstatement or restitution of the organized “protests” as soon as possible.

Signed on the 13th of December in Windhoek Namibia and Gaborone Botswana.



Chairperson and Trustee

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