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Open letter to Malawi Minister of Education, Emmanuel Fabiano

FabianoDear Hon. Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano,

I write this open letter to your Hon. Education Minister with heavy heart and it borders on what I suspect to be a spar between quality education and incompetent administrators in the education sector.


Honourable Minister, it is undeniable fact that all countries that have registered tremendous improvements in the sphere of economy have an educated citizenry because education has proved to be the only greatest known civilizing force since antiquity. Thus, education needs to be handled without kid gloves.

Honourable minister, I have been prompted to drop this letter to bring to your attention the callous ordeal newly recruited teachers are always subjected to by a team of incompetent and heartless employees –you inclusive- in the ministry of education. We have been witnessing newly recruited teachers working for six months or so without salaries. It is interesting—very interesting— to see that despite passing through these tribulations, the teachers always selflessly render their service in their respective duty stations.

Honourable minister, it is sad to see the well trained teachers–Diploma and Degree holders- being reduced to beggars living on unplanned loans from the people in their communities. It is disheartened and I’m seriously aggrieved because these teachers suffer not because they are lazy or that they are jobless but because the ministry of education is full of dunderheads and selfish individuals. How do we then expect teachers to produce good results in the government schools?


It’s sad that when these frustrated teachers go to education ministry offices, they just meet arrogant busy-bodies who respond without remorse. Some officials reach an extent of yelling at these teachers:mukufuna ndikupatseni ndalama za mthumba mwanga!? All these outbursts are poured on the innocent souls who claim what is due to them. Shame!

So how do these teachers teach our future leaders with smiles when their hearts are filled with grief, contempt and regret for joining this career? How can they even concentrate in class and gather momentum when their minds wander on what to eat and where to get money for landlords? I think the answers to these questions lie in your office.

Honourable minister, it is a pathetic experience and surprisingly, most of the times, you seem not to be concerned when such situations crop up. Your silence on such burning issues leaves some of us speculating that you don’t deserve to take the driving seat of this very important ministry. If you can have a microscopic view at this issue, you will notice that this torture of newly recruited teachers pose a great threat to education standards in the country. These fresh teachers are made to believe that teaching is a bad career which brings misery on their lives instead of bringing joy. 

I would, therefore, ask you honourable to come back to your senses and reclaim your lost integrity. What the public is aware of, is that you are the number one decision maker in the ministry and if there is any slip-up, a blame must be heaped on you.

Yours Truly,

Chiipira Wachaje



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