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Opposition DPP lawmakers boycott PAC meeting as Martha Chizuma forcefully endorsed

Chizuma forcefully endorsed

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-There was drama at Malawi Parliament this afternoon after four opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers boycotted Public Appointments Committee (PAC) meeting that aimed at rescinding the decision in regards to Martha Chizuma’s appoinment as Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director.

The four lawmakers includingVictor Musowa,Mary Navicha,Chifundo Makande and White.

Victor Musowa told reporters that said the decision to rescind belongs to the august house according to the procedure of the house.

Musowa added that said the five came out as the house failed to listen to their views as “they try to reason that the motion is supposed to be paused in the august house as they are only meeting to adopt the report”.

He however cautioned legislator for Neno South Mark Katsonga for insulting the DPP members which prompted them to boycott the meeting.

“We supported the appointment of Chizuma in the first place,if they reject her and they are forced to come up with the rescind decision which is out of order, so, we refuse to be part of it”, said Musowa

Meanwhile Chizuma has been confirmed in absence of the five members.

In her remarks, PAC chairperson Joyce Chitsulo confirmed the endorsement of Chizuma as ACB director by 12 members.

Chitsulo said the committee started with 18 members including the five that boycotted saying its procedural to make a decision in their absence

PAC met today following the august house direction for the committee to present the report to the august house of the rejection of Chizuma as an Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)’s director

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