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Overzealous MCP’ PR team caught lying on CEAR operations, Nkhatabay Water Treatment Project

Chakwera riding on CEAR Train

By Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe

On so many occasions you are going to town lying to people President Lazarus Chakwera has delivered this or that. Chakwera’s Malawi Congress Party (MCP) media team must aware that Central East African Railways (CEAR) locomotives were not bought by Tonse government. Stop these lies. Simply boot licking him for no job done.

Currently in Malawi, under Chakwera’s Tonse administration he has not achieved any tangible infrastructure development.

Of-course he has started few projects. Simply put he has achieved FORKLORE! Nothing. Nada-0/10.The central east african railways is an institution that is under Public Private Partnership Program.

For the past 5 to 10 years it has been run by it’s majority shareholder “Vale” a Portuguese railway Company based in Mozambique with Headquarters in Portugal.

Since three years ago i have been writing the ins and outs of this partnership deal,which literally Central East African Railways (Cear) got a raw deal. Two years ago,I urged the former minister of transport and public works Hon Ralph Jooma to visit Cear and compel them to increase their routes(see attached images). This proves that this achievement was made possible by the former administration of Arthur Peter Mutharika not President Chakwera.

For your own information,the one running Cear is Mota Engil behind the veil of Vale.

Mota Engil has more than 30% controlling shares in Vale. Vale won the contract to run Cear with a long helping and influencing hand of Mota Engil via greedy politicians.

Another interesting revelation is,before the demise of sheik Sadik Mia,I personally wrote to him to gather more fresh details about the contractual agreement he authorized under the administration of former President Dr Joyce banda,which gave total control of all businesses,ports,vessels and lakes to Mota Engil.

Mota Engil was awarded temporary ownership of our lakes,ports,vessels and water businesses for 15 years approved by Late Mia with blessings from F.P Dr Joyce Banda.

According to the agreement, Mota Engil was supposed to turn Nsanje inland port into a harbour,it was also supposed to revamp and renovate our four ports,and on every port it was mandated to employ not less than 200 Malawians. It was agreed that by the end of the contract Mota Engil must have bought 7 vessels(Ships) Sadly! Mota Engil only managed to assemble one ship since 2013 called “Chilembwe”.

In short Mota Engil is controlling all transportation businesses in Malawi,on water,on road and on rail remaining is air.

Malawi Government is still owing Mota Engil billions upon billions in US dollars for past jobs.

Mota Engil has failed to honour the PPP terms and conditions of controlling our lakes,vessels,ports and lake businesses.

Chakwera’s Malawi Congress Party (MCP) media team must aware that CEAR locomotives were not bought by Tonse government. Stop these lies.

Another lie on Nkhatabay Water Treatment Projects

According to them Nkhatabay Water Treatment Project is valued at US$30 Million and it has been implemented and achieved by Chakwera’s administration.

It is extremely unbelievable and embarrassing for an entire team to waste time on misleading the nation with FALSE & INCORRECT information.

This project started 3 years ago (October 2018) and it was unveiled under the administration of former President Arthur Peter Mutharika of the former ruling party.

It is a project under the Northern Region Waterboard. And Hon Frank Mwemifumbo and other northern region Members of Parliament (MP)s played a great role in parliament fighting for this project.

It was even included in the budget of then fiscal year. And some funds were raised from the African Development Bank Group which approved a $15 million grant from the African Development Fund for the Nkhata Bay water, sanitation project. While this only covers for half of the estimated project cost, other funds came from Opec Fund for International Development a $12 million loan and the Malawi Government US$3.4 Million.

The Project is worth US$20.4 Million not US$30 Million.

We can only applaud the Chakwera’s administration for continuing the supervision of this project otherwise all the glory must be attributed to APM,Northern Waterboard,Donors and then MPS.

Nothing more or less.

I just thought to correct the misleading information been paraded by some overzealous Chakwera’s PR team.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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