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Paul Mphwiyo gets permission from Malawi Court to travel to SA for additional Surgery

Paul Mphwiyo outside Court(MaraviPost): Former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo whose shooting on September 13 2013 led to the revelation of the massive looting of public funds at capital is expected to leave the country for South Africa to undergo a follow-up surgery on his jaw scheduled for July 21.

The shooting of Paul Mphwiyo caught the imagination of the nation. It was one of those events that we will continue to remember in future as it opened a Pandora’s Box of Government looting beyond imagination.


“On the night of Friday September 13, 2013, Paul Mphwiyo, Budget Director in Malawi’s Ministry of Finance, was shot. Armed men were lying in ambush just outside the gate to his home, and fired at the 37-year-old as he drove in. Mphwiyo’s family rushed him to the Area 43 MASM Clinic. It was 11:30 p.m. I happened to be at the clinic at the same time with a family member who was hospitalized. I witnessed first-hand the harrowing 30-minute frenzy during which nurses and a doctor battled to save Mphwiyo’s life”, wrote Steve Sharra days following the shooting

The Lilongwe High Court on Monday approved Mr Paul Mphwiyo to travel to South Africa for the procedure this week.


During court hearing on Monday on the travel permits, High Court judge Charles Mkandawire ordered that Paul Mphwiyo should travel on July 19 and return by August 2.



In May this year, the High Court varied Mphwiyo’s bail condition urging him to start seeking permission to travel abroad from the court and not the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) as per the earlier arrangement but his passport will still remain with ACB.


Even though Paul Mphwiyo was the victim, he is also answering another case of theft and money laundering K2.1 billion in the ongoing investigation to the MK24 billion plunder under former President Dr. Joyce Banda.

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