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Pleas of an Afghan woman Marzia Hshimi who worked for an American NGO, “Please help us”

Afghans camped outside the international airport in Kabul on Sunday. Biden administration officials say the number of Americans and allies in need of evacuation are changing constantly.Credit…Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times

ATLANTA (MaraviPost): The rapid fall of Kabul and the Taliban’s near-total takeover of Afghanistan has left many of America’s long-standing partners wondering what will become of them. Many in fear for their lives have been hiding or going out of the country by any means necessary as the option to go to Kabul Airport has a lot of risks. Many do not trust the promises made by the Taliban and have resorted to fleeing the country illegally into Pakistan where they find themselves stranded with no food or place to stay.

One such story from Marzia Hshimi has reached the Maravi post. The lady was communicating with her colleague and friend Leonard Chitekwe, Malawian and a resident of the US, who worked with her in Afghanistan for help.  As we write the story Marzia Hshimi finds herself stuck in Pakistan, no food and not knowing the plight of her kids and husband she left in Afghanistan.

This is her story told in her own words:

As due to highly dangerous Situation in Kabul Specially for those of us who worked with American NGOs, The Taliban went from door to door and have taken out some documents of some of our staff members, which increased the pressure on me forcing me to escape Afghanistan, so it took me three days to reach Quetta Pakistan by travelling illegally from Kabul to Quetta.

Unfortunately, my Husband is left behind in Kabul because of the dangerous situation He could not make it to come with us, we did try out our lucks and went to Kabul airport for the plane to save us from the dangerous situation so was un able to make it, and Taliban had fired on us by gun again I and my family alive, we were nearly smushed by mob of people and Taliban beating the people made matters worse.

Now I am in Quetta Pakistan but have no shelter and seeking refuge in a mosque Which is temporary and have no money and support as mentioned above my husband is left behind and have no one to help me with living expenses, l request and beg American government please please please save my husband, save me and my children as I have no shelter and money here in Quetta Pakistan , I might die here of hunger.

Efforts by friends and co-workers  to reach her since she sent this plea have been futile. The whereabouts of her husband is also unknown.

While President Joe Biden’s withdrawal of troops by August 31 is inevitable, the speed at which the situation descended into chaos, and the White House’s lack of contrition and flexibility has left allies like Marzia Hshimi spinning.

On Tuesday, Biden’s fellow G7 leaders, led by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, pressed the US President to extend that deadline in order to get foreign citizens, Afghan people who have aided allied troops and other vulnerable groups out of the country. But the US President Biden stood firm.

As America’s allies — most notably in Europe — see it the United States is walking away, washing its hands of a crisis it played a large part in creating, and with scant regard for the problems that doing so creates elsewhere.

 Marzia Hshimi and her husband Sayed have been good friends  with Leonard Chitekwe from when Leonard was in Kabul  over 25 years ago. Marzia has been begging to be given SIV visa since 2015. Marzia’s husband was a Taliban target in 2011 and was shot in the leg.

For now, the only thing Marzia Hshimi can do is say  Please help us.

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