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Police IG orders arrest of Chanco radio reporter for exposing Covid-19 funds abuse at MPS, MDF

The arrested Raymond Sivaya

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Police in Zomba have arrested a Chanco radio reporter Raymond Siyaya on allegations that he published and circulated fake news.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera has confirmed to Nation Online.

“It is believed that the reporter published and shared the fake news on social media platforms alleging that Malawi Defense Force (MDF) Commander Vincent Nundwe, Inspector General of Malawi Police Service George Kainja and the head of National Intelligence Services Dokani Ngwira have been interdicted for mismanaging Covid-19 funds allocated in their respective clusters,” said Kadadzera.

Meanwhile, according to Kadadzera, Siyaya is in custody at Zomba Police Station and is likely to be charged with the publication of offensive communication and circulating false information.

Meanwhile, Malawians have argued that the arrest is a calculated move by the MDF, MPS bosses to silence journalists who would want to take a step further by digging deep into the alleged abuse of funds at the security institutions.

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