By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Common sense has taught us that people who are progressive live in the present time than living in the past time. The world has its past time, so too Malawi has its past time. What matters most is the present time in which Malawians are living. You may ask the reason why. It is simple because the present time which Malawians are living in is what is shaping their future.

People with Albinism victimised

The question should be: Do Malawians hope for any good future? Do Malawians see any good light ahead of them? Do they hope the current problems they are facing under President Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will one day end?

What will be the future of the younger generation be like if 17 million peaceful loving Malawians will continue being governed by the current DPP’S tribalistic, nepotistic and corrupt regime coupled with killings of innocent lives including albinos, Robert Chasowa, Issa Njaunju and among others.

DPP brutality

May be this can be understood better by having a reflection on what happened during the regime of the late President His Excellency Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda who progressively and proficiently governed the country under the Mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Well! MCP using its four corner stone pillars of Unity, Discipline, Obedience and Loyalty- which are the prescribed ideology, managed to develop the country to the desirable level.

This was made simple because the Late Kamuzu Banda did the following:

Firstly, he managed to empower the youth through giving them employment at all levels.

Those people who were born and grew up during MCP regime will testify that a young person could grab a job soon after finishing school. But this is not the case today.

Today, thousands of graduates are jobless. Some graduated from colleges over 10 years ago, but they are not yet employed.

We may ask the question: Why are they not employed? It is because of nepotism and a high level of corruption planted during regimes of two Mutharika’s.

It is very difficult for youthful Malawians, who are in majority to get employment. There is no hope that they can find a job with this current leadership because opportunities are only opened to their relatives and cronies. This is an atrocity for the youth in the country.

Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda Mchikumbe no.1

Secondly, agriculture is something which Malawi Congress Party prioritised. MCP new it way back in 1960s that the backbone of Malawi’s economy is agriculture.

Noting the poor economic status of many Malawians, MCP did two things to boost the agricultural industry.

The first thing is that it implemented the universal subsidy of farm inputs so that every Malawian regardless of his or her economic status should have access to cheaper farm inputs.

The other thing MCP did was to introduce farmers clubs so that the ultra poor people who could not have an access to cheaper farm inputs should access them through clubs.

This was an initiative which at the end saw everybody in the country sustaining food sufficiency at a household level.

Some will argue that there is Fisp which is helping people now. May be that could be just an opinion which can be opposed. In principle fisp has never and ever helped in the country. In fact it is helping politicians who heavily cash in from the policy.

If indeed it is working then the question is why is it that Malawians live with perpetual hunger?

Why is it that despite distributing coupons to poor people, government still spends billions on money for buying maize? The answer is simple, corruption is the order of the day with the current regime.

Apart from sustaining good agricultural practice, MCP ensured Malawi to be a nation for all and not few selected individuals.

How did the party do that? It allocated to each and every body a responsibility befitting the capability and capacity of that individual.

That is why those who were educated could occupy positions in government befitting their education status.

MCP never and ever thought of employing those who were relatives to people who held positions in the party. Employment was for all and for those who deserved it.

If we look around government circles today, employment is only for brothers, cousins, wives and girlfriends, homemates or boyfriends. Can Malawi prosper with this spirit? Is Malawi for all at the moment? The country is bleeding.

So as Malawians are going for fresh elections let them also be reminded on what statesmanship is.

But before that, people should understand that Malawians will cast a fresh ballot because the May 21 2019 election results were manipulated. This is not the first time to vote in a multiparty democracy.

For this reason Malawians should reflect on the first election which was there on 17 May 1994.

That was a critical moment Malawians should have known that the late Kamuzu Banda showed his statesmanship.

Kamuzu had all security agencies and well established systems which could have aided him to cling to power.

But he did not want to cling to power. That is why he conceded defeat after noting that former President Bakili Muluzi was narrowly leading in the ballot count.


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