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Prophet Austin Liabunya; The Seer of Malawi?

Malawi Presidency bound Chakwera with Prophet Austin Liabunya prio to 2019 ‘botched’ elections

Written By Innocencia Chikuse

When the name of Austin Liabunya pops up in any headline in the media, Malawians are accustomed to hear about ‘prophecy’. Liabunya’s ‘prophecies’ are mostly concerning the Malawi nation. Over the past 8 years, no one, in my view, who conducts themselves as a ‘prophet’, have been consistent in making ‘prophetic’ utterances about Malawi than Liabunya.

For starters, Liabunya came in the limelight in 2012 when he ‘prophesied’ the ascendancy to the Presidency of the republic of Malawi by the now besieged President Peter Mutharika. The Prophecy was such an accurate one to the extent that he predicted how the then Vice President Khumbo Kachali would dramatically endorse the candidature of President Mutharika. When Malawians saw the seemingly unimaginable thing happening when Kachali went wild, publicly endorsing Peter Mutharika during a rally in Mzimba, they began to take Liabunya ‘prophetic’ utterances seriously.

As if that was not enough, Liabunya also hazarded that Mutharika would not ascend to the Presidency easily as there would be court battles. This was probably the climax of the 2012 Prophecy when Malawians had to wait for nearly a midnight court judgment delivered by Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda ordering MEC to announce the winner where Mutharika was declared the victor of that election amidst tear-shedding by the late MEC Chairperson Maxon Mbendera.

What is of importance to highlight is that Mutharika and his coterie during the period leading to the 2014 election had to secure an audience with the Prophet to hear more about the then sweet sounding Prophecy. This is on record and no one can rebut the fact that President Mutharika met Prophet Liabunya on issues surrounding the prophecy he made.

Liabunya, had also forewarned that the Peter Mutharika presidency would be associated with acts of darkness (satanic adventures) if Mutharika was not to do what the Prophet had advised him to do to avoid such satanic occurrences from defining his legacy. Later, we learnt that Mutharika had paid a blind eye to the Counsel of the man of God and true to the word of the servant of the Most High God, disturbing events associated with evilness took center stage in our country under the watch of President Mutharika. People with Albinism in our country were hunted, clobbered, butchered and skinned alive on scales like it has never been seen in our country. All this under the watch of President Mutharika. Ironically, suspects of the case in courts have been giving evidence to the effect that they were being sent by top Presidential aides to commit the abomination. Further surprising is that the Police behaved as if they were protecting someone when they killed, in Police cell, a person implicated in the killings of Albinos, Buleya Lule. It is believed that what the Police did was an operation to erase evidence and prevent the suspect from further spilling the beans as the arrest of Buleya was the closet Malawi ever got to solve the Albino Killings conundrum. If the mass killings of people with Albinism under the watch of President Mutharika was not satanic in nature, then nothing will ever be.

Back to the Prophet, in September 2014, he also released another well detailed prophecy, which formed the basis of writing this article, owing to the re-surfacing and its resultant wider re-circulation on the social media as Malawians reflect with awe the fulfilment of what the Prophet said five years ago in 2014. This was a prophecy a reporter engaged in an exclusive interview with the Prophet.

Liabunya then told the reporter that Mutharika would be a one term President as a Pastor referring to Lazarus Chakwera was to take over the Presidency no matter the situation in the next general elections slated for 2019. In giving details, the Prophet said that the Vice President Saulos Chilima would be picked by another party but they will lose the election of which he will later join MCP, a party which will win the election.

This was the exchange with the reporter five years ago:

“Reporter: What can you say about the Political Future of the Vice President Saulos Chilima?

Prophet Liabunya: He is there for a short period of time but some will pick him up of the Party He is going to join but that party will not win. After it will lose, he will leave it again and join MCP.”

This is the only part of the prophecy Malawians who care about such utterances are pausing and revisiting what Liabunya said five years ago. This is because Malawians saw for themselves how Vice President Chilima was requested or coerced by the leaders of Chilima movement to contest in the 2019 election. The party existed for a short period of time leading to the 2019 elections. The party, if the results of the botched 2019 elections are anything to go by, ‘lost’ the election.

Vice President Saulos Chilima has now joined forces with MCP President Lazarus Chakwera to oust Mutharika. Some would say they are in Tonse alliance and that Chilima has not joined MCP but legally speaking, Chilima has joined MCP. He is legally MCP Presidential running-mate. The symbol on the ballot in the coming fresh election will be that of MCP—the Black-Cock. The symbol won’t be that of the Alliance on the ballot nor will it be of his UTM party. When Chakwera is declared President, legally, the MEC Chairperson will say; “I hereby declare candidate Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and Saulos Klaus Chilima of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as President elect and Vice President elect of the Republic of Malawi…” The ‘joining’ of Chilima into MCP is therefore a true fulfilment of part of this Liabunya Prophecy.

With this signal before us, Malawians are confident that Chakwera will indeed dislodge Mutharika as President, in fulfillment of the Prophecy of the vessel of the Almighty God, Prophet Austin Liabunya.

Few days ago, Liabunya was also at it on his facebook page giving a hint of a Chakwera Presidency and the future of the alliance of DPP and UDF. For the DPP/UDF alliance, the Prophet said trouble is fermenting in the alliance which will have Atupele Muluzi at the center stage. There will be fights for control of leadership with an invisible hand controlling the warfare in the background in an attempt to wrestle back what they think was stolen from them.

As for Chakwera-Chilima relationship, the Prophet said time will come when Chilima will tell Malawians something like “we have agreed to part ways for the sake of the country.” The Prophet said this was just a snippet of the Prophecy he will release after Chakwera’s ascendancy to the Presidency in the coming fresh election.

Ironically, prior to the 2019 elections, MCP President Lazarus Chakwera also met with Prophet Liabunya in the former’s office in Lilongwe perhaps to hear more about the sweet sounding prophecy Liabunya made about him in 2014.

This now brings us to the question posed in the title of this article; in light of the above, should we call Austin Libaunya the seer of Malawi nation? Everyone, in my view, is entitled to his/her opinion.

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