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Prophet Bushiri in love with Malawi’s President leadership style

By Our reporter

South Africa-based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri over the weekend led Malawians in special prayers organised by a grouping of Malawians living in South Africa under the banner Malawi Forum held at the Prophet’s Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa in Rustenburg in South Africa.

During the meeting, Bushiri said President Peter Mutharika has carried number of development projects across the country and that he would have voted for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) especially if elections were held on that day (Saturday).

Below is the detailed speech he made;

Salutation to the President of Malawi, Professor Arthur Mutharika, also in absentia the Ambassador of Malawi, who could not grace us with her presence due to other pressing commitments. My warm greetings to the organizing team, as well as the delegated representatives of the Malawi forum. Lastly, but definitely not least, salutations to all my fellow Malawians who are gathered here today.

Some people may be surprised as to why I have taken time out to recognize our President as well as the ambassador, but the truth of the matter is, it has and will always be a Malawian principle, that we recognize and respect our delegated leadership.

It is to be noted that this is not a prophetic gathering, I am not here to address you as a heavenly oracle, but as a fellow citizen who carries the burden of fulfillment and success. It is my desire to see our nation prospering and living up to its primary standards. I long to see the nation flourishing among other nations and emanating the glow that we all know that God has imparted to the warm heart of Africa.

As many of you are aware, I used to stretch my hand and extend help to my country, but for sometime, I stopped giving that aid due to unforeseen attacks that sprouted forth. The more I tried to help, the more I was being attacked, based on the misconception that my efforts were mere means of political campaign for the upcoming elections.

My businesses as well as my ministry became victims of a faulty allegation that was based on unreliable sources. For example, if I were to buy fertilizer and give someone to use it. If, after a week, that person died, people would quickly conclude that it is a form of Satanism that I implemented to have blood sacrifices. These were all false validations that forced me to retrieve my hand.

However, one day God told me that even if I were to stop helping my fellow citizens, someone else would rise up to try and do the same and still face the same predicament. At that very moment I recognized that it is not time to shy away from such opposing forces, but rather, it is time for us as Malawians to rise up and change our mindsets for the betterment of the one thing that we all love and cherish- our nation.

Today, I stand on behalf of every Malawian trying to do well, or is doing well, and I enunciate this message to all- it is high time that we support each other.

I’m ashamed to see my people being the object of pity to everyone. We roam the corridors of time without shame of being so mediocre, and without a deserved pride to stand for the best in the world. But alas, in this continuation, we will forever be the laughing stock of the entire universe.

We are chasing our own shadows because our heads are dropped and our confidence remains unstable. We are engulfed in decline both in spirit and financially. People are eating their tears, their souls are bruised, and their hope is torn apart. Only if we can involve God, will our situation lessen.

Malawi, despite celebrating independence, we still suffer a dependence burden. We still depend on China and other nations. What is needed is not changing leaders but our minds as Malawians. Let’s take a look at Indians, Ethiopians and Nigerians- how they love and support each other. I am looking forward to a day where as a Malawian, I can be able to seat down easily with my fellow Malawians and be pulled up when am down and I do the same.

Let me also take this opportunity to comment on politics. Many are times that people have drawn up conclusions that I am doing what I am doing what I am doing, because I want to stand as president in 2019 but this cannot be further from the truth. I am simply a patriarch.

I am fighting for the freedom of everyone who has no voice. Just like Martin Luther did for church many years ago. Though his mission resulted in his death, his legacy lives on. The problem we are having today is that, the system is now encompassing of people who are using politics as a means of bringing money into their homes. We have lost people who can stand on our behalf and carry the burden of the citizens to ensure that the lives of the people are bettered. They free themselves but in turn, enslave many. Politics has become a scapegoat for other people’s selfish desires.

With that said, I urge you all, let us support our leaders and bear in mind that they are trying their level best to ensure that Malawi is restored to its former glory. Let us not dwell much on what is going wrong but instead, ponder on all the things that are also going right. Our president has done a priceless job in ensuring the security of our currency and also in establishing roads.

I know many people will say that I am saying these things in an effort to try and gain favor from DPP but this is not so. I am not in very good books with the current government and that is a fact. There has been a lot of propaganda that has been relayed between them and I containing accusations that I am doing Satanism and the like. Some are even convinced that I want to run for President. Thus, my speech has got nothing to do with me trying to gain favor.

I admit I was not in favor of how they started but I stand to commend them on how they are carrying forth the vision for the nation. They are doing well and I must confess that if they carry on doing so, come 2019, they will have my vote. The issue is not about who is on the ruler-ship, the issue is- do they have the country’s best interests at heart?

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