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Prophet Bushiri, Passion Java spotted together amid verbal fights


Prophet Bushiri and Passion Java
Prophet Bushiri and Passion Java spotted together

PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-Prophet Bushiri and Passion Java have been spotted together.

This comes amid verbal fight the two have been advancing.

Okay, so we know of the drama that is currently going on right now of Prophet Passion Java, Prophet Sheperd Bushiri and their spiritual father Prophet Uebert Angel.

The three self-proclaimed Men of God are having a squabble after Prophet Passion Java prophecised that Prophet Bushiri will die in December.

This prophecy led to an outburst as Prophet Bushiri replied labelling Prophet Passion Java as fake and seeking attention.

He also claimed that Passion Java is trying to seek attention using his name.

The whole drama was then made more interesting when Prophet Uebert Angel made a statement also on the issue saying that Passion Java is a fake prophet who claims to be a prophet.

Well, this now has caused confusion on social media why you may ask.

Prophet Uebert Angel was once Prophet Passion Java’s spiritual father according to the information we have gathered.

Both of them Prophet Bushiri and Prophet Java were once under the wing of Prophet Angel, before Passion Java located to the US where he is now based.

There is even a picture of the two boys Prophet Bushiri and Passion Java together.

So you can now see why we are left with so much confusion. If your colleague and former father claim that you are fake, what leaves them to be? We are here to see what will happen but already we smell something fishy between these so-called Men of God.

Source – MbareTimes

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