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Puppet Mutharika forced to choose fellow puppet as running mate

Mutharika and his minions

Mutharika and his minions

Peter Mutharika and Ben Phiri
Malawi President Peter Mutharika and Personel AID Ben Phiri

Written by Patseni Mauka

The much-hyped presentation of nomination papers by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader, Professor Peter Mutharika, turned into a somber ceremony for the party. Sad faces of those who were not chosen as running mates were captured by curious cameras. There was visible disappointment in the eyes of aspiring running mates and their supporters. Even the noisy, painted and paid cadets could not afford plastic smiles.

Peter Mutharika has chosen Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Everton Chimulirenji

Since only one person can be nominated as running mate from scores of potential people from each party, some reasonable people prepare themselves for bad news of not being selected. Swallowing the fact that you have not been chosen is easier if the one selected is better than you or has the ability to contribute more votes to the party’s presidential team.

What is difficult to take is when the one chosen has no better qualifications, no known experience or charisma but chosen just because he is a puppet. This is what Mutharika has done. He has chosen Everton Chimulilenji, a fellow puppet as his running mate. Therefore, all the sad people in DPP had good reasons to be disappointed.

It is Mutharika’s skills as a puppet that have ensured that a more skilled puppet than him is chosen as his running mate. At the beginning of Mutharika’s five year term in 2014, some people called Mutharika a puppet because of the initial signs that they saw in his leadership. They said he always gets bad advice from his personal advisor, Ben Phiri, his wife and his bodyguard Norman Chisale. All these stories were brushed aside as coming from frustrated people who didn’t get lucrative government positions. DPP cadets defended Mutharika with their blood.

Months before the end of Mutharika’s first and probably last term, puppet masters, First Lady Gertrude Mutharika and body guard Norman Chisale, have used their influence to force Mutharika to choose little known Everton Chimulilenji as running mate. Chimulilenji is not even known to some paid DPP cadets. One such cadet admitted on social media that he doesn’t know the person chosen by his leader. But typical of paid and blue painted cadets, he says he trusts Mutharika s choice! Incredible!

I have to confess, even yours truly didn’t know this new puppet. In fact, if Puppet Everton didn’t get so excited and opened his mouth soon after being confirmed as running mate, I would not have known that in DPP, there is a more skilled puppet than Mutharika.


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ut once he opened his mouth, Puppet Everton revealed one of the reasons he was chosen. He is a skilled boot-licking puppet. At a prompt gathering, amid faint responses to his DPP woyee slogan shout, Puppet Everton told Mutharika that he has no presidential ambition and that his job is kutumikira Mutharika mosasemphanitsa (doing everything that Mutharika tells him to the letter, without questioning). What a better a way to introduce yourself as a skilled puppet!

He told the largely silent cloud that Malawians should know that we have never had and we will never have a president as good as Mutharika. What an insult to the 88 percent of Malawians who think that, under Mutharika’s leadership, the country is heading towards the wrong direction.

He said Mutharika has looked after him for a long time. “Kuti tisambe ife ndi a Pulofesa,” said happy Puppet Everton. He promised that Malawians will never hear him bad mouthing Mutharika. He further said, “ndidzalemekeza a Pulofesa kuchoka pansi pa mtima wanga mpakana kutha kwa moyo wanga,” (I will respect Professor Mutharika from the bottom of my heart till the end of my life). He continued to say it’s not an easy thing thing for Mutharika to choose him as his errand boy. What a strange understanding of a running mate and potential vice president position!

He finished by saying, “Ndikulumbira pa maso pa mulungu. pakanakhala bible ndikanagwira, sindidzanyoza a Pulofesa,” (I swear never to disrespect Professor Mutharika, if there was a bible here I would have sworn while touching it). He also admitted that there are people in DPP who are educated and better exposed than him but Mutharika chose him.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the person we will remain with as president, if old Mutharika wins and get incapacitated while in office, a highly skilled puppet. Reportedly, Mutharika left all other potential candidates in DPP because they are immature, childish, power hungry, untrustworthy, scandalous crooks and amateurs in politics. Looking at the sad faces at the presentation of nomination papers, these people include; Chimunthu Banda, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Goodall Gondwe, George Chaponda and Bright Msaka.

In a running mate position, we are looking at a potential vice president and president if anything happens to the sitting president. We don’t want puppets who will not know what to do with the country if they rise to the position of president.

We need people like Dr Saulos Chilima’s running mate, Dr. Michael Usi who is a down to earth development specialist who has experience dealing with rural people, government officials and Malawi’s development partners at very high levels. Despite his high education and a senior position as Country Director for ADRA Malawi, Dr Usi has been involved in advocacy and awareness programs of Malawi’s burning problems as an actor. He does not care about the image of ‘people that should not be taken seriously’ that Malawian actors have.

Apart from obvious puppets, Malawians should avoid elevating businessmen with lots of experience in backroom deals like Dr Chakwera’s running mate, Sidik Mia, to the post of president. Once given a chance, Malawi will be about their businesses and cronies’ business interests.


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