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The raging war between Frelimo and Renamo in Mozambique spilling into Malawi’s Mwanza district

Mwanza Residents affected by fighting in Mozambique
Mwanza residents affected by the Raging across the Border in Mozambique

MWANZA, (MaraviPost): There was a commotion on Monday in the area of group village headman Mtasa, Traditional Authority (TA) Ntchache in Mwanza when the residents were disturbed by a barrage of heavy gun fire, a development which Malawi officials have also confirmed.

According to the Malawi Immigration spokesperson at Mwanza border Pasquale Zulu, his office rushed to the area after the development including the Malawi Defense Force and police.

Zulu said their investigation revealed that the gun fire which lasted for almost 3 hours was between the Renamo and Frelimo soldiers at Nkandafisi (Frelimo camp) which is close to Malawi.

“The gun fire started in the wee hours of 2 am on Monday 8 August, 2016. The development scared people of Mtasa village but we managed to calm them down after reaching the area,” said Zulu.

“The report shows that some soldiers were wounded in the process but were still in the Mozambican side. However, one soldier managed to run to Malawi side to seek medical attention for gun wounds at Kunenekude healthy center,” he added.

According to him, “a lot people ran away into the bush upon seeing our convoy which included the police and Malawi Defense Force team. There were number of asylum seekers from Mozambican side in the process.”

He said people from the villages of Kaziya, William and Booko were all displaced making 1000 plus people including women and children to leave their homes for safety.

“Upon addressing some of the asylum seekers they showed interest to go back to Kapise transit shelter whilst waiting to go Luwani camp,” he disclosed.

But he said the accommodation at Kapise remains a challenge since all the tents were removed and the camp was closed 2 months ago by UNHCR.

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