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Red alert! 16 die after Dedza Hospital runs out of blood



16 people have died in just 30 days at Dedza Hospital due to shortage of blood, this according to internal sources.

District Health spokesperson for Dedza, Mwai Liabunya, confirmed the issue of blood shortage at the hospital but did not go into any other specifics.

“We indeed have shortage of blood a problem that has claimed lives of people,” said Liabunya in an interview.

According to the said sources, out of the 16 that perished this August, 6 were pregnant women while 10 were under five children.

Malawian hospitals famous for running on less:

Karonga and Chitipa district hospitals at present have no anti rabies drugs which is also claiming lives.

Officials at Karonga district hospital had to privatize the district mortuary due to lack of resources.

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