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Response to Zambia elections prophecy by Malawi Prophet Austin Liabunya

Prophet Austin LiabunyaGood day Beloved,

First of all, I would like to thank all brothers and sisters in The Lord who have communicated to express their turn on the Zambian elections prophecy outcome.

Thank you for your understanding on the outcome, it has shown your maturity in the Word of God.

Now let me respond to what some media houses have established in Africa particularly about the prophecy outcome though it’s not important for me to go in that level of trying to justify myself but for the sake of non-believing world that we deal with everyday.

Let me say something about prophecy. Prophecy from the original Hebrew translation means to tell about the future. Prophecy is not revealing the past or the present but rather the ability to foretell based on what you have seen from the heart of God, what you have been told or shown by God.

You may ask God for it or He can just show you or tell you for the purpose of warning the people before time or for the sake of interceding because first of all; Prophets are intercessors; people standing on the gap. 

Normally God does this through visions and dreams and not discerning.

“And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream” -Numbers 12:6 (KJV)

This is because discernment does not give a prophet the ability to prophesy but to give what we call the WORD OF KNOWLEDGE.
Now when God speaks through His prophet, normally the prophecy comes with conditions that are to be met that determine the fulfillment of it (see Deutoronomy 28:1,15).

In the Bible, there was a a certain army captain who got a prophecy from the man of God that he would be healed if he went to wash himself seven times in the Jordan river and when the man did the condition he came back with a testimony to the man of God, he got healed. Prophecies come with conditions to draw us in doing the Word of God because in the process of doing the condition you do the Word of God and that’s what God wants.

Many times when people receive a prophecy, they are just excited about it without observing the conditions attached and at the end; they get frustrated as to why their prophecy didn’t come to pass. But the question is; did you do the the conditions/instructions pertaining to that given prophecy or not?

This has made many to stop believing prophets after receiving many prophecies most of them not fulfilled.

Many have been disappointed and even judging the prophets saying they are not of God or false prophets.

But this is not the case. Don’t be disappointed, don’t stop from going to your church because your pastor gave you a prophecy that didn’t come to pass. Were you just happy with the prophecy without doing the conditions? Even if you just receive your prophecy without condition(s), consult your man of God and ask him if there is anything God wants you to do for the fulfillment of your prophecy. Be smart, be a wise child of God!

Now about a Man of God, there is something you need to understand about a man of God. A man of God is not just someone who worships God, no. A man of God is hand-picked by God and is given a mission.

And because of the mission, there is a type of life he is given. Of course It may cause trouble with some individuals because you will not understand everything about him and what you don’t understand about a man of God is what makes him.

But that will not mean that he is not of God or a false prophet, no. Jesus for example; many did not understand Him and the message he carried, hence criticized Him and even called Him a false prophet, Belzebub. People always had problems with his message, his lifestyle.

The same with Elijah, Elisha, Moses, Jeremiah, Apostle Paul and other great prophets in the Bible. But what people said about these Prophets did not change them, they remained servants of God and God even honored them more and more, used them more and more.

And I know many folks out there are saying anyone is a man of God. No, that’s not true, a million times no. Not everyone is a Man of God.

In the Bible, there were specific people that the Bible calls “Men of God”, not everyone. Normally the Bible refers to people who directly heard from God or whom God directly spoke to as “Men of God”.

These were people who spoke on behalf of God directly. While others were preachers. Some preached what God has spoken while others heard directly and gave it to the people fresh. These were men of God not preachers. There are men of God and there are preachers. These two are different. And am not a preacher, am a Man of God!

Coming to the issue of Zambia elections prophecy. What I can say is pray more and more for the truth, judge no one before the time.

The prophecy which I repeated thrice, I emphatically said, the person that received the prophetic Word had to communicate for prayer because I said, I saw the issue of his votes being stolen and the results delaying to come out, I knew something was wrong.
But whatever effort I did to communicate with the concerned candidate proved futile as I only received excuses from those that claimed to be around him to the extent that one Man of God who communicated with me from the same country said, “Prophet, this man I think is not serious with God because when he heard this he was supposed to communicate even without you asking him but just for his knowledge of who you are”. And I said “it is well.”

And I want to make it clear that the concerned candidate communicated with me after discovering that what I said about his votes being stolen and delays had started being fulfilled and by this time people had already voted.

It’s when I was asked for prayer. You have to understand something here. When God says something, never make an alternative for him. Just follow the instructions and see if He will fail.

Learn to take God at His Word. And also you have to understand that a prophecy that has seen something is the same prophet that can change it and this is what God shows us in Hosea 12:13,
“And by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved”.

Here God shows us by the same prophet.

And the time I was communicated; all I said was, “it shall be well” because when ever I prayed, I saw no future for the leading candidate, all I saw was darkness.

And I heard the voice saying the throne belongs to the one who received the prophecy. And it is the same Word I hear up to now and I can tell you that it’s for a short time but Mr HH has to be clever with God this time around. Remember it’s not over until God says it’s over.

Am also kindly asking the republic of Zambia to pray for their President because there is something that happened. I heard they carried a coffin which I had already seen in my vision.

But I pray that this will not happen. It happened in Malawi also. A leader dropped a sword during taking an oath of office and that symbolized how the leader was also to lose power. Again, another leader forgot a Bible during taking of an oath of office and that symbolized how he was also to forget the instructions God had given him. I saw all this in a vision.

This I will just keep to myself in prayer because we are tired of seeing this happening. I pray for mercy. May God keep Zambia!
And I would like to tell the concerned person that it’s never too late with God, the throne is still in His hands if he does what God has instructed him.

I also pray for all individuals who have taken their time to criticize in any way. May God alone bless you!

And of course some preachers or prophets who have taken advantage. All I can say is that on the last day, we will all stand before The Lord and He alone will judge who was a true prophet and who was a false Prophet and even now the future will tell.
Finally, may the Almighty God bless the Republic of Zambia.

Your servant in The Lord,

Prophet Austin Liabunya 


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