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“Rise of Covid-19 in among health workers Malawi is worrisome”-HRHC

Sex scam hits Ugandan COVID-19 centres

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-Human Resource for Health Coalition (HRHC) has bemoaned the alarming rising of cases of Covid-19 among health workers in the country.

Speaking at the weekend in Salima, HRHC President, Charles Simeza, said his team plans to meet the Head of State to discuss the way forward on the situation.

“We want to book an appointment with the Head of State so that we engage them on the issues that affect us as we deliver the services. Of particular interest in our review today was now that the number of health workers are getting affected to say Coronavirus is rising and we can’t stay put; we need to work on this the soonest.

“And we would want to bring to the attention of the headship of the country that we are a concerned team; that we are now worried, we have fear, we have anxiety in the provision of our services because we are getting infected and the more we get infected, the lower the opportunities for us to win this battle,” Simeza said.

The coalition is currently working on a project aimed at advocating for health sector financing for effective service delivery with support from Amef Health Africa.

Meanwhile, government has reinstated the ban on all public gatherings as one way of combating the spread of Covid-19 in the sudden increase of numbers of positive cases.

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