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Rotary Club of Limbe partners with Waste Advisors on Blantyre’s waste Management Project

By Chisomo Phiri

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Rotary Club of Limbe (RCL) in Blantyre has made a partnership with Waste Advisors aims at sponsoring a project called Waste Management Project which help cleaning up the City.

In an interview with The Maravi Post, President of Limbe Rotary Club Daniel Dunga said the Waste Advisors are implementing an innovative project that collects wastes in all major markets of the Blantyre city, sorts the wastes at source and process the wastes into manure to improve soils.

He said the RCL will sponsor the transportation of the wastes from markets to the processing site.

“At RCL, we will be providing vehicles that be used to carry the wastes from the markets during cleaning up exercise to the processing. We hope this partnership will be very important to make our city clean”, said Dunga.

Dunga added that the project being implemented is very important as among others it improves environmental health situation in the markets, create economic value from the wastes, provide organic manure to the smallholder farmers and create job among youths.

“This is a nice project as smallholder farmers are able to get organic manure from the wastes process and at the same time create jobs among the youth who are employed to work in the process site of the wastes”, he said.

Dunga said each waste collection trip will be sponsored with MK35,00 and that they will sponsor as many trips as possible for a period of a one year.

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