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Sacked minister Malison Ndau attributes his fate to DPP’s too much politicking

BLANTYRE—(MaraviPost)—Former Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, Revered Malison Ndau has come in the open blaming the “archaic” politics happening in the Peter Mutharika administration, saying his sacking is not because he was incompetent but rather honest is what has cost his job.

Ndau: there is too much politicking in government

President Peter Mutharika fired Ndau on Monday this week and hired Nicholas Dausi who was heading the Natioal Intelligence Bureau to take over the mantle in the information ministry. Ndau was the only cabinet minister who faced the chop.

But in an interview with ZBS, Reverend Ndau has lambasted the DPP led administration for politicizing everything in the government structures.

“In this country we have brilliant people but they are not used. There is a lot of talent outside there but not used because of too much politicking in government structures. We have people who have expertise in different fields but cannot be hired because we put politics on top of everything.

“We must think outside politics if we are to serve the country accordingly. We have done politics enough and that’s why I am saying let’s stop politicking in order to develop the country,” he said.

Ndau further said that he honest in executing duties as information minister is what has cost his job.

However, Ndau said he is not bitter with the chop.

“I am not disappointed as the only casualty who faced the chop. Being a cabinet minister is a temporary. But as an MP I have a contract with my constituents to serve for five years,” said Reverend Ndau.

Ndau further said that he learnt about his sacking in the media as he was not told by the appointing authority that he is axed.

Mewnahwile, the new information minister Dausi has promised to meet the expectations of Malawians and pledged “entente cordiale” with the media.


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