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Scramble for positions ahead of UTM elective convention; Kaliati for runningmate……Masangwi, Manganya want veeps post

By Nenenji Mlangeni
LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-All is set for political orator Patricia Kaliati to be named as running mate for Vice President Saulosi Chilima in the newly registered political party, United Transformation Movement (UTM).
Kaliati has managed to capture three of the party’s four regional teams, which will orchestrate her nomination as Chilima’s deputy and eventual running mate.
UTM readership has therefore settled to pick a Lhomwe as a running mate, sources inside the party have confided in The Maravi Post.
Kaliati who recently graduated with a Master’s Degree at the African University of Diplomacy, Guidance and International Relations, has positioned herself as the political gladiator of the grouping, with Chilima now delegating all powers and decision making, which has angered National Chairman Masangwi
And Micheal Manganya Usi, all of whom are now contemplating their next moves.
Kaliati who only suffered loss in Blantyre where she managed to slot in Director of Women her loyalist, engineered her loyalists to take up regional positions and set up districts which will make up most of delegates to the convention.
Kaliati’s manoeuvring saw fellow MP (Mzuzu City) Leonard Njikho become regional Governor for the North flooring Kambala, Manganya and Richard Msowoya’s man Afiki Mbewe who founded the UTM in the North. Mbewe only got 47 votes out of 115 that gathered at the meeting.
The results in Lilongwe, the highly charged elections, saw Kaliati’s man Daniel Mlomo amass 207 votes against fouding member Mithenga who belongs to Kambala camp 85 votes. Elsie Mituka beat off Alice Lungu of Masangwi camp 344 to 22 votes only.
The same with Youth Director post which went to Kaliati camp with Shaban Mbwana amassing 257 against 76 votes of Kambalas Aaron Chiweza.
Prior to elections, Anitta Kalinde was chased by angry group after she went on the microphone and said the elections were not going to be free and fair. She was insulted and threatened in vernacular that she will be raped.
UTM, according to  several NEC members has abolished the position of National Chairman which has led to Masangwi seek the post of Vice President, which Kambala and Manganya want to go to Manganya.
“The new set up means Masangwi, Manganya and Msowoya will run against each other as Vice President, Kambala was planning to dislodge Kalaiti as Secretary General, now his camp want either him or Manganya to run for Presidency.
“Its total chaos, as Kaliati has managed to convince everyone that the constitution will leave the mandate of appointing a running mate to the President, which essentially makes Masangwi and Manganya’s prospects dim,” said a key member of the party.
Kaliati is controlling all departments and her spies include Dickson Kashoti, Lewis Ngalande and she has been trying to make a deal with Masangwi and Kambala’s camp promising them a senior Ministerial post, including Minister of Finance for Masangwi.
“The truth is Masangwi has the money but he is not popular he will likely go with Kaliati, Manganya and Kambala behave like they have the money, but they don’t give to the party.
“Manganya is setting up his own team with Kambala, if they fail they are likely to revive UTP which Kambala has strategically not deregistered.  Kaliati has the backing of Chilima and now she has brought Omar and a few with money, the UTM will break if she is sidelined,” said another NEC member.
When contacted for comment, Kaliati challenged the reporter to name sources, accusing the reporter of being MCP plant receiving money from Sidik Mia.
“Mia wants to become President that’s the fact in MCP. We have no problem in UTM,” she said.
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