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Shocking!!!!; Child labour hits Malawi’s Mangochi district


MANGOCHI-(MaraviPost)-The Mangochi District labour office has expressed concern over the increases of child labour in the district saying the problem is worrisome.

The children according to the district labour office are being employed by some officers and employees in the public and private sector as their domestic and general workers in their houses.

District labour officer Ernest Titheranji has revealed that the malpractices are very rampart in the district, hence the call as laws of Malawi proscribe persons under the age of 14 to be employed in any form of work.

According to Section 22(1) of Employment Act prohibits persons aged between 14 and 18 to be employed in any occupation or involved in any activity that is likely to be harmful in their health, safety, education, morals or development of such a person.

He further reminded the employees in the private and public sector as they are intellectuals; they are expected to be exemplary as regards to compliance with this law.

Titheranji also appealed to the officials to bring to the attention of their juniors that employment of children or buying things from children during school hours is evil and any one found will be prosecuted hence the need to protect children from child labour.

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