Mr. President first of all let me convey my best wishes on the occasion of New Year 2017. Secondly let me wish you well as you are about to clock three years in power. I am personally grateful to heavens for healing you quickly on the rheumatism that had attacked your hand.


This letter comes as one way of contributing towards our nation’s development. You have on several occasions appealed for help to all of us to assist you to develop Malawi. My letter today focuses much on your appeal.

Malawi Pres. Peter Mutharika: penned to include CSOs. MPs, and members from the private sector in MK26 billion maize-gate Commission of Inquiry

I write with a heavy heart for the many men, women and children whose living standards have completely changed for the worse due to corruption which has been perpetrated by the gangsters masquerading as “ruling party” officials of any regime in this already impoverished country.

If I had any other practicable and convenient channel of communicating with you, I would have graciously explored it. Accept my sincere apologies if you are discomfited by my resort to public engagement through this open letter.

Saunders Jumah: drops strong letter to the president Peter Mutharika on corruption

In your festive season message wishing us all a merry Christmas and joyful New Year you mentioned of the prediction and odometer indicator of the growth of our economy in this year and coming years. You mentioned IMF as an institution that has predicted this but out here we are reading negative indications from the very same organization predicting the collapse of a nation because of your failure to uphold and holding onto the culture of zero tolerance on corruption and public theft by your government.

International institutions are predicting our nation to be a failed state in two years if the vice of corruption is not treated with stinger missiles meaning if you don’t apply punitive measures against all rotten officials that you shield.
Mr.President, your integrity is being questioned because the other day you concede that you are presiding a government full of corrupt people next day you deny having corrupt officials in your administration. This alone has downgraded the rate of your capacity to run Malawi as many people in and outside the country do not know who and what exactly are you and your intentions.

Your failure to accept responsibility of the plunder of MK92 billion by your brother late Bingu Wa Mutharika by saying investigating his wealth was tantamount to breach of the fundamentals of the office you hold, was a clear demonstration of executive arrogance.

You swore with a bible in hand that ” you will preserve and defend the republican constitution” something that you are breaching because you are standing on the way of parliament and blocking its efforts to investigate your brother whose wealth is questionable.
Mr.President you have powers vested in you by the constitution to make sure Malawi is run by the rule of law and we are your living witnesses of such power when you ordered the arrest of the custom custodian of the lower Shire Eric Aniva; though courts had no case against him but your directive found a case in him and as I write this letter he is serving a two-year sentence in jail.


15 degrees down the line you have spitted fire to people in the likes of Kamlepo Kalua, Harry Mkandawire and your traditional enemy the author of this letter because we have spilled the beans over the theft of MK577 billion that involves you yourself Mr.President and six of your senior ministers.

The way you have reacted to this rumour shows that you know something about this huge amount stolen from our coffers. When pressure mounted you turned to be the office of ACB and Malawi Police for you demanded that Kamlepo must bring the names of cabinet thieves to state house as if offices of these two bodies had transcended to plot number one.

You gave Kamlepo 24 hours to report to you or risk be penalized. The end result being secret meetings by your secret police planning to assassinate him.
Mr. President am sure that you are aware of the political verse that says, you cannot please each and every one but am sure you are also accustomed to the gospel of politics that says, public opinion is the weapon of the president. You arrested the traditional cleansing man of culture Eric Aniva based on public opinion that came from the British Broadcasting station from the enemy of your brother who declared its envoy persona non grata.

Based on the reports of British paparazzi one citizen is in custody today. Why have you acted softly on the issue of 6 cabinet ministers implicated in the crime against humanity of cash gate involving about a Trillion Kwacha?

You are a republican president which means you are my president too despite whatever you perceive between us but you remain our leader; why are you playing partisan and biased politics? I have not been in government but having observed four presidents that include Kamuzu Banda I am quite equipped with how leadership acts on issues of public concern. You may not be in the country for the best as well as bitter part of our beautiful country and on this I will school you what others did in a situation that you have found yourself in.

At the climax of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), life president Kamuzu Banda had appointed John Tembo as Reserve Bank governor. Cases of corruption became rampant and Tembo was at the centre of the vice and he built a five star hotel in Lesotho and Sheraton hotel in Botswana. Reports had escalated and caused alarm in and outside the country. Kamuzu acted swiftly by replacing Tembo for Chakakala Chaziya though Tembo was an erstwhile and close confidant of the Ngwazi.

Tha was the time of one party system and there was no way any consequence could unseat Kamuzu or his party but as a president the Ngwazi replaced Tembo for Chakakala Chaziya the legislator who gave parliament outbursts about these rumours with the help of outspoken Maxwell Pashane and the Katola Phiri with Mfunjo Mwanjasi Mwakikungas. All these were not public outcry but murmurs and whispers as by that time no one could cough against MCP.

Ngwazi upon receiving and hearing such whispers he acted and Tembo was replaced if it was now under multiparty democracy Tembo could be arrested or face sucking. Despite that favour Tembo faced the chop from the helm of central bank. From then on Tembo had served as chairperson of state institutions without direct position. After the rumour had subsided, Ngwazi appointed Tembo as minister of state in the presidency.

Secondly under multiparty dispensation Bakili Muluzi faced rising criticism over nepotism and corrupt activities by his cabinet mainly singling out Brown Mpinganjira who was untouchable just because Muluzi feared him because he was the man who formed UDF and invited Muluzi to lead it so he was respected highly making him to act as he pleased. Growing criticism mounted from opposition parties and citizens alike. Muluzi succumbed to pressure and relieved Mpinganjira from his cabinet duties paving way for investigations that resulted in him tasting prison cells.

The above two examples must be food for thought for you Mr.President. Cash gate is known to have started long back under your brother’s government in 2005. The ministers that are rumoured and alleged to be implicated served under your brother and are still serving under you.

The MK30 billion cash gate that revealed the systematic plundering was just a tip of an iceberg. Media as well as public outcry has named George Chaponda your confidant and erstwhile, the likes of Goodall Gondwe, Bright Msaka, Patricia Kaliati, Jean Kalirani, Joseph Mwanaamveka and Henry Mussa as ministers with bad track record as per public opinion.

In the process because of your reluctance to bring them to book or relieve them of their duties to pave way for investigations and clear their names you have shielded them to the point where you shamelessly roar to the public that you have no corrupt minister in your government.


No president in the history of Malawi or the world has ever backed his ministers based on rumours; you are the first. On the allegations of MK577 billion missing or stolen funds you had kept quite only to come and be an authentic accountant by correcting the figures to MK236 billion. The question that matter is why are you concerned of the reduced amount not the thieves who stole the money?

True to our suspicion with your silence, corruption has increased to the point of implicating almost the entire administration. Kondwani Nakhumwa, Nicholas Dausi and the list of principal secretaries together with CEOs of state corporations are dented with corruption. Each and every ministry is scandalous in corruption cases and so are departments.

The recent being the corruption that has crossed border into Zambia where ADMARC boss is highly implicated. It is under your government Mr. President where a suspect has power to go to court to seek an injunction to block fundamental freedoms of media houses from disseminating news of national interest. Worse still you watch all these dirty happenings taking place without taking any action.


Your Excellency all these have painted you as a conspirator and a convict because you completely failed to preserve and defend the constitution of the republic of Malawi. You have wholly shown that you are siding with thieves while depriving the country and citizens constitutional obligations. You may have advisors in the likes of Hetherwick Ntaba and others but remember that these are the very people who cheated Kamuzu Banda about one party state over multiparty.

When you are a leader you side with people not individuals, you act on public opinion not individuals’ insinuations, you listen to the wishes of the people not individuals.
Your Excellency you have acted way against what good governance entails. You are the president of cronies and die-hard supporters not of all people.

You must reshuffle the entire cabinet, relieve all those that are rumoured to have committed a crime against Malawians institute an independent investigations to clear their names otherwise you are blindly destroying their political carrier in future. Once they are cleared, you can hire them back with clean slate.

We are tired of CORRUPT stories on a daily basis in our country. Escom is not providing sufficient services but corruption stories are rampant, water board, macra, MRA, ACB almost everything is corrupt in Malawi.

Have you sat down and realise the damage this is causing to your political life as well as your personal health? Your corruption record has worsened to the point of stealing from our security forces in Malawi Defence Force. All these involving one prime suspect George Chaponda. By being the untouchable George Chaponda tarnishes your name, your image, your presidency and administration.

Be the leader and start sweeping corruption without looking in the face of people, party affiliation or allegiance.


As the president, the country comes first. Friends, cohorts, minions, die-hard supporters come second.


I know to you this letter will sound seditious and derogatory or obscene because it is public but your office is public office too. I realised that you may have been not in touch with reality on the ground as it is well versed that power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely. I am convinced that power has absolutely corrupted your mind hence my letter to suberise your mind and realise that state house is a serious business that needs and require sober thinking.

Mr. President having observed that our country has gone astray and becoming the World’s second corrupt after Nigeria, I bypassed protocol and addressed you. Find it in your heart that this is not personal but effort to bring sanity in our nation.

Your second in command once threatened to name and shame corrupt businesses in the infrastructure industry. Is corruption an issue that require shaming and naming of people or needs police and ACB? You will understand the anguish in the hearts of many by this statement coming from the vice president.

Remember Malawi is a poorest country how do you feel presiding such a nation that is the poorest and corrupt?

Your Excellency! It is for the love of my country that I defied all odds to write this letter, it is not out of hatred that I wrote this letter but my patriotic feeling and integrity that I hold for my country.




Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Citizen and patriot.
Member of Peoples Movement for the Restoration of Malawi (PEREMO)
Mzika Za Mdziko Movement (MZM)
Malawi Freedom Network (MFN)
Malawi Watch.


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