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T.B Joshua exposes chilling secrets of top illuminati members

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a controversial video via his official YouTube channel claiming to expose the dark and secret activities of the infamous Illuminati cult.

The video, which has already racked up well over 150,000 views since its release last month, shows the ‘deliverance’ of a young man from three demons which confessed the satanic tricks of the renowned cult which many famous musicians allegedly belong to.

Before any music of Illuminati members is released to the public, the video alleges, strange incantations are rendered by satanic worshippers in secret chambers around the world, giving ‘demons’ access to manipulate its listeners.  

“When we sing, we twist the mind and the soul of the human body to have 100% lust for vanity, music, sex and anything that is sinful,” the ‘demons’ confessed in the clip. “Such souls will always look for beer parlours, clubs, prostitution houses or anything that involves sin but does not involve the Righteous One.”

The demons, which claimed the pagan goat god ‘Baphomet’ was the ‘master’ of the Illuminati revealed being part of the cult was akin to worshipping at a satanic church, being a member of the AMORC Rosicrucian Order or the Ku Klux Klan.

According to the video, adopting certain hand signs popularly used by rappers when ‘free-styling’ were simply “a way of rendering glory, power, adoration and above all, loyalty to the master” as well as being a declaration that your soul was ready to be possessed by demons.

The Emmanuel TV clip also revealed certain ‘catalysts’ that triggered increase in the Illuminati’s influence in one’s life, particularly citing the intake of alcohol and drugs.  It further divulged that the symbol on a dollar bill of an eye atop pyramids was their satanic sign which literally ‘billions’ were under the influence of. 

The young man who was exorcised of the demons, Mr Innocent Ochia from Imo, Nigeria is then shown in the clip sharing his eye-opening confession in Joshua’s church. He explained that he came from a Christian home but became a drug addict in university through the influence of his cousin who was a cultist.

“The drugs blotted out everything that had to do with God within me,” Innocent explained, adding that he subsequently became addicted to ‘listening to all types of worldly music’ which then signaled the beginning of some ‘strange encounters.’

He explained an encounter one day at a club when three strange men sat beside him and began ‘reading his thoughts’. “I was saying in my head that I wish I could be a popular musician,” Innocent recounted, shocked when the man sitting opposite told him that he could show him the secret of such success if he was ready to pay the price.

“I never spoke out loud to them; they were reading my every thought. It was as if the gateway of my mind was open to see what was going on inside there,” Innocent explained. The ‘price’ involved a ritual which would initiate Innocent into the dark world of the Illuminati.

After Innocent signaled his readiness, the mind-reader removed his shirt to reveal a tattoo with the pyramid symbol emblazoned across his chest.

“He then stopped speaking to me orally and started speaking through his mind. He said that I should look at the tattoo and lust after it, as if I was being seduced by a lady.” Innocent obeyed and soon noticed the man ‘moaning’ as if someone was sexually satisfying him.

Suddenly regaining his senses and realising the disgusting nature of his actions, Innocent stood up and tried to leave the scene. He was instantly threatened with death since the initiation was not complete.

Dark dreams followed this encounter. “In my dream, I kept seeing a being manifesting with the face of somebody I knew who told me I would never be successful until I finished that initiation,” he explained.

He further added that he began hearing strange voices whenever he listened to secular music. “I was able to decipher song lyrics as if they were sent straight to me. They would tell me what to do, how to dress, how to manipulate people; they put me in a trance.”

Innocent began moving with a certain air of uncommon fearlessness. “I loved anything that portrayed the evil realm. I had this ego in me that grew and made me walk as if I was a demi-god in society. Nobody would mess with me; everybody was scared of me.”

However, his refusal to complete the initiation brought stagnancy into Innocent’s life and career and his dangerous drug abuse soon led him to rehab for nearly nine months.

It was at this stage that Innocent visited The SCOAN and received his ‘deliverance’. “Ever since I was delivered, I have been able to sleep well like a baby, without taking drugs,” Innocent testified. His word of advice was candid: “Avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking and womanizing for they give the devil access to you.”

Although no specific individuals are named in the video, the activities highlighted expose the extent to which the secret society has infiltrated today’s music industry.


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