Chakwera failing find the formula of fixing Malawi

By Deus Chikalaza and Khwesi Msusa

After so many mistakes and appointments based on association not merit, Malawi is finally a graveyard and exclusion of women in key government positions has played a big role.

Soon after ascending to power in July 2020, Lazarus Chakwera made several appointments in Cabinet and other strategic government positions.

People expected him to deliver but he disappointed them from the word go when he appointed family and friends in cabinet. When questioned on why women were sidelined, Chakwera said he did not find qualified women to appoint.

People all over the world questioned him but instead of addressing such concerns, Chakwera re-defined merit to suit his narrative.

It however appeared like it was the making of a dictator but people gave him the benefit of doubt.

One year down the line, things are worse and Malawians are poorer than he found them. The question people are asking themselves is “how did we end up with this scam of a leader as our president?”.

Prices of essential goods have skyrocketed, nepotism and corruption continue to affect governance.

President Chakwera’s Tonse government’s explanation doesn’t make sense because there are other issues like nepotism and corruption that don’t depend on international forces.

Moreover, even on those issues that depend on international forces, there are several examples of countries that are managing their situation amidst all challenges. Tanzania and Zambia are perfect examples.

The lesson learnt from this leadership is the same that opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president Peter Mutharika said that it’s either we choose development or politics.

Unfortunately we chose politics and worse still it’s politics of hate, persecution of opponents and harassment of Mutharika and DPP leaders for nothing.

Malawians voted out Mutharika out of power over nepotism, favoritism, regionalism, social-economic ills which Chakwera has also adopted so quickly.

But time is coming and time is now, this leadership has been tried and has failed.

When a revolution has failed to deliver the desired results, you don’t need to get frustrated but ANGRY. That anger should boil to the point where it drives you to the next revolution.

A revolution is a continuous struggle for the liberation of mankind from the bondage created by greedy individuals who capture leaders for their personal gain.

The evils of corruption, nepotism, cronyism, tribalism, favouritism, discrimination and a sense of entitlement, manifests in different shapes, forms and shades.

When people deliberately forget who they were and where they come from, just know that the vices aforementioned have rendered their brains incapable of comprehending the reality that with time, everything changes.

There are no permanent seats within the echelons of power.If we are to own the present and prepare for the future.

We must be ready and willing to emancipate ourselves from any sort of slavery; it be social, moral, ethical, financial but more so, political.

In politics, there are a lot of missed opportunities and seized blunders.The most meaningful struggles are long and hard

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of The author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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