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The historical Malawian May 20th 2014 Presidential Candidates open address

Concerned Malawians in Diaspora and Malawi is a group of Concerned Malawian citizens whose moral values have been shaken by politics of self-enrichment and business as usual governments at the expense of a common Malawian citizen.

  Various issues of national importance have been apparently left unattended or ignored all together by our Elected Officials and Civic Personnel whose duties appropriates them in decision making of respective Agendas of both national importance and international interest.  After commemoration of the 49th Independence Day, Saturday, July 6th, 2013, from the British Colonial Power, the Warm Heart of Africa has unfortunately been deprived of progress crippling the image of the apparent meaning of a Free State with Sovereign Laws and Order.

As concerned patriotic Malawian citizens with strong affiliations in the Republic of Malawi, living both abroad and in Malawi, we as a group felt compelled to address the concerns facing a common Malawian Citizen.  Moving forward into a progressive direction as the country celebrates its Bi-Centennial Anniversary of its separation from the brutal rule of the colonial masters who practiced the Thangata System of governance during the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, group believes our Elected Officials and Civic Personnel owe every Malawian citizen to exercise their private and civic engagements accordingly.

Concerned Malawians in Diaspora And Malawi is a non-partisan group comprised of Concerned Patriotic Malawians Citizens whose conscience and belief in GOD compels us to address our next President of the enchanting beautiful land of the Republic of Malawi, the most profound question at every patriotic Malawian’s foremost Agenda which would be, “why should Malawians feel compelled to choose you among all other candidates running for presidency during the Malawian Historic May 2oth, 2014, Tripartite Elections?”

On a daily basis, Malawians have been currently challenged with irregularities on major issues affecting their livelihood and putting the country at the most trying moment in the history of the Lender of Sunshine ever since independence.  Concerned Malawians in Diaspora And Malawi have compiled Malawi Citizens Agendas and Concerns that the Presidential Candidates can address as they run their campaigns for Md alawians to disseminate the information accordingly and vote for a rightful candidate with their best interest at heart in the next May 20th, 2014 Historic Presidential Elections.

NOTEMost of the May 20th, 2014 Historic Tripartite Elections Presidential Candidates have not amassed an Official Party Manifesto detailing the Administration in question basic practices and its Presidency Principles and Goals for the Malawians and the country besides having contended in the respective Party primaries and national campaigns for comparatively an extensive period now.

Concerned Malawians in Diaspora And Malawi intends to foster elimination of ‘Who Knows Who’ type of politics customarily practiced  in most of the countries in the entire Continent of Africa and merging an environment of ‘Who is Who’ in the Malawian Political Arena and the Emerging Leaders.  As proud Africans, we believe the Malawians most of all should set the standards even higher for the entire continent of Africa to follow in voting Elected Officials into government for mutual benefits of the citizens and the continent.

Read List Of Concerned to be addressed by Candidates here

 Brief Bio on Lucy Chitembeya:

Lucy Chikumbutso K. Chitembeya is a Malawian who resides in the United States of America in the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta, Georgia.  She considers herself as a Global citizen.  Ms. Chitembeya commenced primary education at the modest Kasungu Local Education Authority Primary School in Kasungu District and attained PSLC in 1987 at the prominent Nambuma Girls Boarding School in Dowa District where she furthered her elementary studies.   After attending the prestigious Phwezi Girls Secondary, she obtained JCE and achieved MSCE, equivalence of O Levels.  She then progressed to Central State University, a historically black institution (HBCU), for tertiary education in Wilberforce, Ohio, where she triumphed with the Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology Pre-Medicine and Chemistry.  Central State University apparently obligates a powerfully meritorious connection to the Republic of Malawi from whence the Father and Founder of the Malawian nation, His Excellency, Ngwazi, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, trace his academic heritage.  The First and Former President of the Republic of Malawi inherited his intellectual pedigrees at the then Wilberforce Academy which presently embraces the contemporary privately preserved HBCU institution, the Wilberforce University and one of Ohio State funded HBCU, the conspicuous pedestal academia, the Central State University.  His Excellency, Ngwazi, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, proceeded his studies at the enchanting Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and University of Chicago where he attained the Premedical Degree, Economics and History Bachelor of Arts Degrees, respectively.  He then succeeded at the expounding Mehary Medical College in Tennessee where he obtained his American Medical Doctorate Degree.  His Excellency, Ngwazi, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda at this juncture flourished in the sentiments of the prestigious University of Edinburgh where he acquired another Medical Doctorate Degree from the United Kingdom after being repudiated of practicing medicine with an American Medical Doctorate Degree. 

Ms. Chitembeya has worked as a Chemist and Scientist at very prominent fortune 100 Pharmaceutical companies in US, the Coca-Cola Company and the Emory University, School of Medicine where she worked on a Neurodegenerative diseases research project in the Department of Neurology.  Her passion in International human rights, democracy, good governance and confronting topics of injustices emerged out of a Sunday school session where she first heard the story of one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament (BC) era, Moses.  The youthful Lucy was inspired by the Exodus story of the Israelites and prompted her to make a humbling Prayer to GOD, “use me like you used Moses.”  She is a great advocate for Youth Leadership and excellent in promoting both youth and adult entrepreneurship spirit.  Ms. Chitembeya has been engaged with several courteous organizations and writes for the Horizon Newsletter, an official publication of the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the Spiritual home of the 20th century prophet, the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and most significantly, the Drum Major for Justice.  As an active member ever since her consolidation at her paramount service with the Church that faithful Sunday afternoon, June 7th, 2009,  Ms. Chitembeya has volunteered on the Youth Ministry Advisory Committee and a Teacher for the AD Williams King Childrens Chapel.  She currently serves as the Vice President of the June Birthmonth Club Ministry.

Ms. Chitembeya’s civic engagements impelled her work with the African Heritage Foundation special project during the historic visit of the former African Union Commissioner, Dr. Jean Ping and the African Union Executive Officials to Atlanta, Georgia.  She apparently has served on the Advisory Board of the African Association of Georgia (AAGA) started by former first Atlanta Black Mayor Menard Jackson during Nelson Mandela’s visit to Atlanta after being released from the South African prison.  Ms. Chitembeya has volunteered with the SCLC, Children of the Birth and the Atlanta African American Museum from African prospective, the Apex Museum.  She is engaged with the Georgia Coalition for People’s Agenda since June of 2009 and recently amalgamated with the Moral Monday Georgia in which the Dean of Civil Rights Movement, the Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery and the NAACP are Conveners, respectively.  Ms. Chitembeya conducts the International Youth for Global Unity and Peace (IYGUP) facebook page in her effort to influence aspiring youth for optimistic Global Leadership.  She has been an Independent 5Linx Enterprises, Incorporated Representative through her Chitembeya Establishment since April 2013 and an Independent Senior Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Incorporated besides her Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Consulting and International Development endeavoures she intends to entail. 

Ms. Chitembeya aka LUNJIKANI published her famous masterpiece, ‘The Prevailing Corruption’ in the Horizon Newsletter, Page of the January 2011 issue in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday and his Legacy for the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and the world at large.  She can be accessed through her Facebook page, Linkedin, Tweeer @LUNJIKANI and the below contact information:

E-mail: (IYGUP) or (Media)

Phone: 101 +1(404) 617-9730

Ms. Chitembeya has been engaged in the Barack Obama grassroots movement, Media Campaign, Organizing for Action (2013 Founding Member) and Move On among others, to push legislature through the House of Representative and the Senate House.  She is a prominent member of the Central State University National and Atlanta Alumni Chapters and a proud member of the Alpha Angels Sisterhood, Incorporated, Delta XI, Chapter, a Sister Organization to the Alpha Phi Alpha, Brotherhood Organization

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