For decades Nigerians have been battling with all kind of illnesses, the pains are too much to bear.  The strength to withstand the ground has been shattered.

Nigeria is bleeding at the moment and no amount of surgery can stop it from bleeding. The unity of the country has been murdered by  assassins in power.

The arrogance of Dictator Buhari, a coup plotter, who has no regard for human rights in a democratic society, has compounded Nigeria’s predicaments. In fact, his hatred towards Nigeria’s unity is very obvious.

Nigeria’s journey as a country has been inflicted by many injuries, hardship, sorrows, tears and bloodshed. Our unity has been bastardised by the vagabonds in power.

The rate of poverty and unemployment in Nigeria is extremely high and disturbing. Nigerians are hopeless and defenceless by the workings of a tyrant in power.

The selected few have weaponised poverty against over 200 million Nigerians. Our economy is  Eldorado’s, injustice reign in every nook and cranny along with religious palaver which have destabilised the unity of Nigeria.

Corruption has taken over the country with no sign of transparency or prosecution for offenders. Nigerian politicians celebrate corruption and impunity to mock those who voted them into power.

Obviously, election under this current regime is a fraud; vote-buying, hijacking of ballot boxes by thugs who were denied access to good education by the same political criminals they commit crime for on election day.

Everything in Nigeria has been monetised, while the fraudulent documents called “Nigerian constitution” will never give justice to the poor people.

Our judicial system has failed many Nigerians, it has been compromised and sold out. The system only serves the rich people and abandon the poor to their fate.

Thousands of poor citizens have met their  untimely death because of frustration, lack of funds to pay for legal services and delay in getting justice in Nigeria under a so-called democratic system.

More than thousands of people have been displaced out of their communities and have become refugees in their own country! Nigerians find themselves in a country where criminals are untouchable.

We are in a country where terrorists under the guise of “Fulani herdsmen” have hijacked our security architecture and are now presiding over security reports in the country. It clearly shows that those at the corridor of power know the people behind the deadly attacks in the country.

The Nigerian Civil War that claimed the lives of millions of people in the Eastern part of the country is still fresh in our memory. 

It is unfortunate that dictator Buhari who swore an oath to be fair and honest, has now taken sides and tacitly mocks those who lost their loved ones during the Civil War. 

He had the temerity to threaten the peace of the good people of Eastern region by often deploying military men to carry out genocide in the region.

Our voices have been hijacked from us by a tyrant through his henchmen: Abubakar Malami and Lai Muhammed. 

These minions are used for censoring people’s views and opinions, by way of manufacturing non-existent criminal codes to threaten people for genuinely exercising the constitutional rights.

Nigeria is on the verge of collapse, the incessant killings and kidnappings across the country by the nomadic Fulani is a sign that Nigeria is desolate already, and the refusal of Dictator Buhari to proscribe his kinsmen as a terrorist organisation further complicates matters.

The incompetence of dictator Buhari has worsened the state of Nigeria’s economy, with food prices tripling in recent months. But does the tyrant care? This is what he wants actually.

Farmers are scared to return to their farmlands because of the insecurity in Nigeria. Their wives and daughters have been raped while majority of heir husbands and children have been maimed and murdered by the terrorists who parade themselves as “Fulani herdsmen.”

This year’s June 12  protest was a depiction of 1984 Nigeria, exhibiting the repression which followed after a power-drunk Buhari led a military team that overthrew a democratically elected president.

Dictator Muhammadu Buhari has successfully confiscated the freedom of expression and right to peaceful assembly under a democratic system.

Obviously our security agencies have no shame. It was shocking to see the number of security officers that were out to criminalise June 12 protesters, yet crime roam throughout the country with these same security forces claiming to be helpless?

Nigerian police officers are coward by getting angry whenever Nigerians tell them to visit Sambisa Forest and fight Boko Haram terrorists and bandits.
Nigerian youth must rise and wage a total struggle to wrestle power from the current exploiters, dictators and political criminals to build a new Nigeria where the vast wealth of our society will truly belong to the people and will be used for their welfare.

The solution of Nigeria’s numerous problems lie in credible young people forming a formidable force by way of uniting to take power from the repressive and criminal ruling elites so that young people’s destinies can truly be in their own hands. 

Pushing ethnic or religious narrative as the oppressors want us to, will only compound our woes.

Source saharareporters

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