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Tonse Alliance has turned against Tonse Alliance Philosophy – YAS

Tonse Alliance excluding the youth in public appointments and confusion of manifesto promises

The Youth Decide Campaign has punched holes in the Tonse administration’s 100 days in office, stating it lacked a clear agenda on youths and a solid plan on the creation of one million Jobs.

Presenting its assessment during a press briefing in Mzuzu on Saturday, team leader Charles Kajoloweka also accused the new administration of excluding the youth in public appointments and confusion of manifesto promises.

The Youth Decide Campaign has faulted Malawi  President Lazarus Chakwera for excluding capable Malawian youths in his public appointments and that his administration’s agenda is not clear “even after 100 days.” In fact, they say it appears to be against the Alliances Philosophy and campaign promises.

 Charles Kajoloweka implored the Tonse alliance  government of Lazarus Chakwera to rise above rhetoric and start delivering on his campaign promises.

“There is a lack of clear Terms of Reference for measuring performance of Cabinet ministers or ministries. We run the risk of mistaking trivia for achievement.

“Overall, the Tonse agenda on the youth us not clear even after 100 days,” reads the report in part.

A member of the campaign, Vincent Kumwenda added: “We don’t have a clear agenda that the Tonse government is championing especially for the young people. There is no clear manifesto that the Tonse government is pushing.”

Agatha Silungwe of the Network for Youth Development said the purpose and rebranding of Malawi Enterprise Development Fund (Medf) to National Economic Empowerment Fund (Neef) are not clear.

This is all political branding rather than solid planning, Agatha Silungwe said there were no consultations with key stakeholders, including the youth sector, in the rebranding.

The grouping has however observed that there is a silver lining with the government over increased accessibility and openness but also reduced abuse of youth for political events.

Lazarus Chakwera, 65, became Malawi’s 6th President after the Tonse Alliance, a group of nine opposition parties that he and Vice-President Saulos Chilima forged, with the help of the Malawi judiciary to defeat  President Peter Mutharika.

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