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Two Malawian primary school teachers accused of showing learners explicit material

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Some students at Bazale Full Primary School in Balaka district have accused two of their male teachers for allegedly showing them X-rated images and video clips.

The Standard 8 female learners disclosed this during a talk with their female teachers on the good moral behavior at the school.

But the the school’s Head teacher, Hussein Nkhata who confirmed to have receiving complaints.

However, Nkhata said their investigations revealed that the learners exaggerated the issue.

“After I got the reports, I immediately instituted investigations which have shown that it is not true,” he said.

He, however, said one teacher a Mr D. Kunsiya was teaching Life Skills subject and during a topic called ‘types of marriages’ the learners demanded to see how people enter into marriages.

“So Mr. Kunsiya had pictures of his wedding on his laptop and he showed them. After that he then showed them the pictures of a certain lady who was swimming at the lake in Salima last year,” Nkhata said.

He identified the other teacher as a Mr C. Kapito.

But some learners claimed an X-rated website snapshots appeared on the screen of the laptop.

Asked on the way forward, Nkhata said he had submitted the report to his authorities for any possible action.

District Education Manager (DEM), Davie Nselebo said he was yet to see the report as he was away in

“But basically if there are such reports of misconduct we also send our team to do the investigations and take action in consultation with the headquarters depending on what they found,” Nselebo said.

Meanwhile, schoolgirls in the country are learning to defend themselves against sexual abuse from teachers by a Ujamaa Pamodzi Africa, a non-governmental organization (NGO).

The group uses vocal exercises and physical activities to teach girls how to speak out against assault, harassment, abuse, and — if necessary — how to physically fight off attackers.

A report about sexual assault in Malawi found that one in every five girls under the age of 18 in Malawi has been sexually assaulted.

Project coordinator Simang’aliso Domoya says the group hopes to bring change to the country.

“We would like to reduce the incidences of rape. We would also like to promote education by reducing early marriages, school drop-outs and also early pregnancies,” Domoya said.

The project is also teaching boys that they should respect girls. It also shows them how to become involved if they see a girl being assaulted and teaching them about sexual health, consent and peer pressure. They say the responsibility to end harassment and abuse is up to boys, too.

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