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“We will utilize natural resources in Shire Valley to develop Chikwawa,Nsanje with Tonse Govt”-Chakwera

Mia waving supporters with Chakwera in lowershire

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

CHIKWAWA-(MaraviPost)-The torchbearer for grand coalition under the banner of Tonse, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 assured people of the Shire valley that once into power after fresh presidential election, the natural resources found in the shire valley will be put to its maximum use so that people of Chikwawa and Nsanje are developed.

President Chakwera who in his preamble told thousands of Malawians who gathered at the Msangwe ground in Chikwawa South Constituency that his team is ready to be sent and work tiresly to serve Malawians

He therefore lauded political leaders in Tonse alliance for holding hands to change Malawi for better.

Chakwera also applauded his first vice president in MCP,Sidik Mia for working hard to make Chilima and him (Chakwera) come together to save Malawians from the sufferings under DPP regime and added that those trying to disunite him and Mia are just wasting their time.

Addressing campaign rally at Msangwe ground in Chikwawa South Constituency told the gathering that Shire valley is capable of feeding many Malawians particularly those of Chikwawa and Nsanje districts.

Dr. Chakwera who is also the MCP president said if put to good use, rivers like Shire, Livunzu, Nkhate, Mapelera, Nyakamba and Mkombezi can change the livelihood of citizens through irrigation schemes and fish farming, saying the shire valley is so ideal if properly utilized.

He then mentioned Illovo company and Kasinthula scheme as some places have been underutilized but can change the life for people of Chikwawa and Nsanje.

Dr. Chakwera who was looking so composed and serious of his words further turned to road infrastructure by saying roads like the 18km Chakhudzika/Chikuse, 15km Miseu4/Mapande via Msono, 12km Msambeta/Masambuka, 10km Thabwa/Pembe, 7.5km Changoyima/Chiponje and the 20km Jombo/Nkholongo will be upgraded for the benefits of the people of Chikwawa.

Chakwera said his admistration will not allow Malawians to be beggars to politicians but be self reliant so that the don’t lose their dignity.

Before Tonse alliance torchbearer’s address, his runningmate Dr. Saulos Chilima told the thousands of people who gathered that in 2019 Malawians did not go to polls as stated by the courts in the election case.

Chilima assured the nation that no party in the Tonse alliance has been deregistered but that they have come together to set Malawians free from the current bondage.

Turning to campaign promises, Chilima reminded Malawians that Tonse will offer jobs, citing Chikwawa as suitable for cloth factory as it is a district that produces cotton in large quantity.

Dr. Chilima also said it’s time to build one Malawi and stand up against anyone trying to divide it, he then urged all Malawians to vote for Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and make sure they protect their vote.

During the rally Mia remembered Kamuzu days who used to distribute free maize to the households whenever there is hunger crisis, saying he believes that Chakwera-Chilima partnership will embrace Kamuzu Banda.

In a very short speech Dr. Michael Usi who is the vice president for UTM told the crowd that gathered that the coming government is for the poor and the rich, saying it is for Tonse as Malawians.

Chikwawa registered almost 258,000 voters towards 2019 nullified election.

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