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Where is Malawi Vice President saulos chilima?

failure to implement those promises is making Chilima to be a liar and a crook

The DPP is gleefully trolling Vice President of Malawi saulos Chilima claiming he is  a “missing Person”. Please help Malawians to get this missing person. He was too loud in the streets during the 2019 campaign but now he is nowhere to be seen.

He is presiding over a government where many cabinet positions remain vacant. His boss embarrassed himself on HardTalk.

One comment read Totally useless person as far as I am concerned. Too much talk, no action.

Proxy Jay Ndoxy

Kkkkkk leaders without visions always disturbing poor people with fake Promise’s, fertilizer @ Mk45 000, Malawi okomera andale

Amurapi Shiri Hungwe

Chilima=Chirima=darkness = ignorant or incompetent, the leaders are put in place by the Lord to lead the unrighteous and force them to change their ways. The gospel teaches us that the law is written for the unrighteous which means the people who enforce the law are the most ignorant or most unrighteous amongst us. The governors are there to manipulate, control and mislead us and force us to turn to our creators for help, hence they do not seem to care.

Dear Saulos Chilima,

I am shaking my head.

Yesterday you were in the photo with Cabinet Ministers and President Chakwera. Today, we are told that Malawi will spend MK244 million on Independence Celebrations.

Were you party to this scandalous decision?

Achimwene, you will never govern this country if these are issues you agree in private.

In actual fact, Tonse Alliance is eroding your chances.

it was on the strength of UTM promises and charisma of Chilima that won the people’s votes. It was the salivating promises made by SKC that made people vote for Chakwera. Chilima talked of no-nonsense approach to corruption and his promise to clean the prisons of petty criminals and fill them with corrupt politicians and civil servants, melted the hearts of many Malawians on the things to come.

Today’s failure to implement those promises is making Chilima to be a liar and a crook, how long will the Vice President allow his name and political career be soiled and destroyed by Chakwera? Chilima is known for his anti-corruption stance and his silence on the Covid gate is mind baffling and I am not surprised that people are sarcastically associating his silence to that of K6.2billion.

May the real Chilima please stand up now or be buried together with this fast-becoming unlikable Government quickly digging its own grave faster than lightening due to corruption, ineptness, and cluelessness.

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