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WHO announces the Global Diabetes Compact

On World Diabetes Day, WHO announced the development of the Global Diabetes Compact, a comprehensive and inclusive approach to support countries in implementing effective programmes for the prevention and management of diabetes.

The goals of the Compact, the development of which will be led by WHO, are:  

  • increased capacity of health systems to detect, diagnose and manage diabetes;
  • integration of diabetes care into existing programmes, thereby leveraging existing capacities in the health-care system and meeting people’s health-care needs in a more holistic way; and
  • the scaling-up of health promotion efforts to prevent diabetes, particularly among young people.

The Compact will bring together in one package all WHO materials for the prevention and management of diabetes, both existing and new. On the prevention side, particular focus will be given to reducing obesity, especially among young people. On the treatment side, emphasis will be on improving access to diabetes medicines and technologies, in particular in low- and middle-income countries.

Key to the success of the Compact will be alignment and united action across the public, private and philanthropic sectors.

The Compact will be launched in April 2021. 

Sourced from WHO

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