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Who are these lady civil servants dancing for APM? : Achikulire

So many things don’t seem to change in Malawi in the arena of politics.

One of the main reasons that Joyce Banda lost—or Malawians did not want her to continue as president- was simply that she underrated public opinion and was rude in most cases in answering back to what Malawians wanted her to do and not to do. They call it executive arrogance—and that is my opinion.

For example, did Banda need to have those fatty mothers gyrating in seductive style at her public rallies? It was state money paying for their trips all over the country, just to spend a few minutes sexually dancing for the state president. They were called Joyce Banda Sisters.

Do you remember how one religion did not like its women to dance at these public rallies and Banda did not listen?

It was the same with Gologolo. The traditional dancer performed the same stunt all over again and Banda and her entourage seemed to enjoy that, if their faces which were beamed on television are anything to go by.

Now, Peter Mutharika—of all presidents who should learn from past mistakes of others—is doing the same. At his official function to open the trade fair, those Sendera sisters were back in action.

What’s wrong with our presidents? They still want fatty women to dance for them. They still want fatty women to gyrate publicly and they should swallow saliva in appreciation. It was quite shameful to see Peter appreciating these women—we are starting all over again or continuing the JB trend.

The women should be told to stop this and Peter—if he wants to be a listening president—should politely see how best to stop this stupidity and modern slavery. In 2014, when most Malawians are poor and don’t know where their next meal will come from—don’t need to dance for anybody.

Dancing should have its place and time—such as at weddings, shows and cultural events.

If Peter can’t change the politics of Malawi—the way we think and how not to be treated as a semi-god, then God forbid. Those 1.5 million votes will go to waste. Stop it, Peter! Will you?

Ken Msonda and loyalty

If I were the former president, I would give Ken Msonda a special reward for being a fighter for Mama Banda, even in the face of a humiliating defeat at the polls.

The outspoken Msonda has been there to talk, support and fight for Banda. His has been the lone voice in the PP, fighting, talking and arguing in a typical fashion of never say die.

Msonda, I think, does not want PP—with 26 MPs –to die. He still thinks Abiti should be the party’s torchbearer in 2019. How she will do it without resources is another story, but surely once a politician, always a politician.

The PP has 26 lawmakers—that’s quite a big noise in parliament.

Where are the other PP politicians such as John Bande, Brown Mpinganjira, Uladi Mussa, Mganda Chiume, Paul Maulidi, Sosten Ngwengwe, Moses Kunkuyu, Chilapondwa, Ken Kandodo and etc.

Even Khumbo Kachali is still PP. He became veep because of PP and he can retire comfortably because of that party. Why forsake it now?

However, despite the loss, one thing stands out clear: Amayi did her best in campaigning and sometimes you wonder who should be blamed for the loss.

Tiyeni nazo!

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