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Why APM must battle it out with Chakwera in Malawi’s 2025 polls?

Peter Mutharika and Chakwera

As political parties are busy positioning themselves to endorse a presidential candidate for 2025 general elections, two prominent names have already been proposed.

It appears that there is a high chance that Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) will contest against his main nemesis, the incumbent President of Malawi.

If that happens, the general elections will be very exciting. But how is it of paramount importance that Reverend Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera must face again Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika in the coming elections? In this episode, I would like to outline just six reasons.

Peter Mutharika and Chakwera

First, according to the Constitution of Malawi, both Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika and Dr. Reverend Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera are eligible to stand again in 2025 general elections. They simply need to express their interest to stand again. By 2025, both will have served one term and therefore they will have another second term remaining.

Second, having both served the first term as the Presidents of Malawi, the electorates will be accorded an opportunity to compare and contrast their competencies. Therefore, the citizenry will be able to make informed decisions. In fact, they will be able to vote for a candidate with at least one term experience of governing Malawi.

Third, the featuring of both candidates who happen to be the incumbent party presidents in will bring unity in both parties. Intra-party divisions will be resolved to a certain extent.

Fourth, the just ended fresh presidential elections did not provide ample time for strategizing, canvassing and campaigns. In fact, the Democratic Progressive Party was taken unawares as they thought that the fresh presidential elections would be delayed. With all the time, both presidential candidates will compete on a fair footing.

Fifth, the Constitutional court erred in many instances. It did nullify the presidential elections but later admitted that they found no evidence of rigging. If Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika battles it out with Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in the 2025 general elections that would prove to Malawians the actual truth about authenticity of 2019 general elections.

Sixth but not least, the Constitutional court erred on the interpretation of the word ‘majority’. Currently, the same word ‘majority’ simply means first-past-the-post for determining winners to the National Assembly. Surprisingly, the Members of Parliament had already rejected the 50+1 majority but the Constitutional court thought it wise to impose the 50+1 majority in the Constitution which ultimately failed.

Arithmetically both President Chakwera and Saulos Chilima had more aggregate votes in 2019 elections than a combination of votes of all their presidential candidates. And yet the judges knew that both Dr. Chilima and Dr. Chakwera had a common foe, Prof. Arthur Mutharika. By bulldozing 50+1 majority’ in the Constitution, Constitutional court judges knew that MCP and UTM will likely form an alliance, then any DPP alliance would fall apart.

It is therefore imperative that the two giants face each other in the battle field, whether alone or with a cohort of trailing parties. The truth will present itself.

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