President Lazarus Chakwera is on record that he promised that Malawians that he would resign if he fails to meet people’s expectations after two years in office.

On 23rd June 2022, Malawians will remember the day when the hallmark fresh presidential elections were conducted which ushered President Chakwera into power some two years.

Chakwera and his MCP failing to fix Malawi’s ailing economy

It will also be the day when Malawians will have a complete assessment of Chakwera’s governance.

Truth be told, President Chakwera has failed to fulfill most of his promises.

Lazarus Chakwera must resign after failed promises

Not that we expected him to honor all the promises in two years. That was not the expectation of Malawians.

However, Malawians had the hope that all promises with deadlines would be fulfilled.

One striking example is the creation of one million within the first year of Tonse Alliance regime.

No one million jobs were created. Instead over 600,000 people were retrenched.

The cost of living is soaring. No three meals a day can be afforded by a common man in the deep rural areas.

There is now scarcity of fuel and forex. Inflation is high and price sof essential goods and services are skyrocketing.

The whole hi 5 slogan of the Malawi Congress Party is a flop.

We are not prospering together because the poor are getting poorer everyday.

Corruption is on the rise.

There is no rule of law as justice in the Judiciary is selective. The courts now interfere with investigations of the Anti Corruption Beurea (ACB) and the police in an attempt to protect a corruption suspect.

Nepotism, tribalism, cronyism and regionalism are rampant when recruiting people in public positions.

Completely, nothing is working. Malawians are living in a state of hopelessness.

Amid all these quandaries, will President Chakwera honor his promise to step aside. Doubtful it stands.

If he has failed to fulfill other promises, why should he make an effort to resign anyway.

But should President Chakwera resign? It is not necessary to do so. The promise of his resignation was just a ploy to canvas votes.

Resigning would plunge the nation into a political instability in a country that is already facing economic turmoil.

Not all is lost for President Chakwera. He still has three more solid years in which he can pull up his socks and steer the country forward.

Malawians must also realise that President Chakwera has never been in political governance. He is on a learning curve. He relies most of the decisions on his subordinates. He doesn’t habe a grip of the controlling power yet.

We are hopeful that the next two years , his leadership and managerial skills will improve.

The goof of President Chakwera is another lesson to Malawians. They should not take their vote lightly. If you put a wrong person in positions of power, then be prepared to suffer the consequences for the next five years of governance.

People should not therefore waste time forcing President Chakwera to resign. It will not likely to work.

The opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) shouldn’t bother about calling for a referendum to oust President Chakwera. It is a non-starter.

This country has laws. There are avenues in which an elected president can relienguish power such as impeachment, resignation, death, incapacitation, end of office of tenure or the court nullifying the presidential election. Nothing of referendum is mentioned here.

The DPP should put its house in order. They should go back on the drawing board to review the reasons they are out of power.

In the interim, DPP has the responsibility to provide checks and balances on the government.

The painful truth is that President Chakwera is on the mantle till 2025. In addition, he is being groomed to stand again for 2025 general elections.

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