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Zimbabwean televangelist Jay Israel confesses-“I slept with over 1,000 women for ritual purposes”

Prophet Jay Israel

PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-A Zimbabwean born televangelist Prophet Jay Israel currently operating in South Africa the past week made a shocking confession how he advanced his ministry.

Jay Israel, born pastor as Jacob Dube is the founder of Spirit Life Mega Church based in South Africa.

Prophet Jay Israel, a contentious man of the cloth, stunned the internet with his astounding admission that he participated in ceremonies involving more than 1,000 women.

The once-revered religious figure made shocking statements in an exclusive interview on the program “Uncensored With Rumbie” that have shocked the public.

“Mainly because of this is why I ultimately made the decision that I’m not going to get married and will instead just eat and sleep with anybody I want to.

“When it comes to the body count, it is what I mentioned the other day. I may have had sexual relations with more than a thousand women. I’ve lost track,” Prophet Jay Israel admitted in the interview.

Supposed Spiritual Marriages and an Unbelievable Number

Prophet Jay Israel claimed to have been married to a marine spirit, explaining why he chose not to seek earthly marriages, in addition to outlining the scope of his acts. The Prophet reportedly refrained from getting married in human weddings because there was jealousy present in this spiritual relationship.

“I nearly got hitched. After introducing someone to the church, I knew that I should withdraw once more. I was not supposed to meet, as you can see. I was already legally married in the spirit, thus I was not supposed to get married. The divisive religious figure said, “A mermaid is a highly jealous kind of entity.

White towels, rituals, and child sacrifices

The stunning confessions made by Prophet Jay Israel did not begin here. He gained notoriety last year for revealing the specifics of the rituals he carried out following his interactions with women.

A big portion of his claimed behaviors were the use of white towels following intimate encounters with women and subsequent sacrifices to a mermaid in rivers and seas.

“With the majority of the ladies I’ve slept with, there is just one consistent ritual that I have always followed: I always kept a white towel on hand, and after the sexual act, I always used the towel to wipe their private areas before keeping it.

“I’ve done this to the majority of them; it was a routine. After a while, I collect my towels and carry them to the sea or a river, where I hurl them as a sacrifice to the mermaid.


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