Malawi Bus accident
Bus kills three people in road accident

Written By: Milika Violet Nkosi,

Mr. President, I am very concerned with the rate at which our citizens are dying on our roads.

Greedy people are only interested in robbing money from innocent people without providing quality service. To begin with, a government is responsible for providing basic necessities of life to its citizens. On top of these basic needs are water, transportation, which includes adequate and well maintained roads, security, where citizens feel safe, meaning that the rule of law is being enforced and healthcare. I am not a lawyer, but these are things which my grandmother would have wished for if she was alive. The enforcement of the law would take care of all speeding violations and public vehicle fitness. 

If the laws of the land was enforced all the people who rob innocent people of their life would be held accountable and all this carnage would have ceased forthwith.

Malawi Road accidents
File Photo: road accidents claim 7 lives during Easter period

As of now we all Malawians are complacent with “oh may their souls rest in peace,” when life is lost unnecessarily at the hands of criminals on the road with their unsafe cars and Malawi’s terrible roads. That is full of bologna! What does that do to the bereaved families? Does it buy a coffin, take care of the loved ones, who are left behind? Besides, who wants to rest in peace, when all he or she wanted was to go from point A to Z, and then somewhere along the way someone cuts her/his live short due to negligence, bad roads, unfit road worthy vehicles and over speeding due to greediness, wanting to be the one to take the next customer in case of minibuses. This is uncalled for and it makes my blood boil, because surely most of these accidents can be avoided. But no, we blame it on God! Oh Mulungu anawakondetsetsa!

My fellow Malawians, people are getting away with massive murders of our people and we are in a deep sleep. If we choose not to do something, and think that “RIP” passed around for a day or two is sufficient, we shall all perish.

Sitikukana ngozi, but the majority of what is happening on our so called Malawian “roads” is no accident but murder with capital M, deserving capital punishment.

Nadi akulu! Tirirenge mpaka Pauli instead of taking a minute to think and look at the root cause of the problem. Instead we are just folding our hands and transferring the problem to God. We are “Aaaaaaa Chauta wa lora kuti dzitero. Amenewa apita ku Mpaladitso, or if you are like my church, Bali pachipakato cha Abraham or angogona aku yembekedza kudza Kwa Ambuye etc., etc.,” meanwhile the coffin man is mweeee, mweeee getting filthy rich, and a murderer is getting away with massive and numerous murders. It is so easy to fix some of these things. Let’s demand for good roads and that traffic laws should be enforced and corruption should be stumped out once and for all. If we did that there would be no embezzlement of public funds, no bribery and fake driver’s licenses. But day in day out kumayendetsa ma Benz, BMW, RAVAl 4 and whatever else there is, in a zig zag motion like snakes kuli kuthawa ma oversized potholes.

At least kukanakakhala ndege bwenzi those who can afford, akukwera ndege within all parts of Malawi. I think we are so sensitized, that when we see pictures of people killed pa mseu like the Mtengo Wanthenga case, and many others being circulated on social media on daily bases, we are not moved any more. That is very traumatizing and dehumanizing.

Where I am, if any accident happen, there would be emergency personnel within minutes to help the victims, we Malawians just stand there as if we are watching football. What is the purpose of posting these things on social media if not to evoke emotions so that we can help to make things better?

Malawi Car accident
minister Chazama’s driver and bodyguard die in road accident

If we could all stand up to demand for more well maintained roads, do we think cashgate would have had a chance? Miseu yomwe anaisiya our founding father, which were sufficient for the 9 million or so people, cannot no longer cater for the present 17 million Malawians. Besides in those days the roads were only used by MG cars Statutory body cars eg QM, ADMARC, RESERVE BANK, ESCOM, WATER BOARD and a few lucky ones, while the rest of us were using UTM or BD10, not even a bicycle could we afford.

If we are not going to do anything about these accidents, two things are going to happen. 1) I should never ever see any more picture of my fellow Malawians who have died on road accidents posted on this WhatsApp forum. 2) Should I happen to see any more road accident victim’s body posted here again, I will quickly exit this group, because I have had enough of it?

Do me a favor, whoever has Peter Mutharika’s WhatsApp number, send my two messages to him or give me his number so that I can forward these messages to him myself. I know that he may have the crocodiles or MYP force or its equivalent, I am not afraid of those either. What makes me better than those people I saw lying dead pamseu like they were not walking and talking a minute before? Those are people just like you and I. They were people who some people’s entire lives depended on. What more should I say in order to be heard? Where should I go to seek help?

Where the laws of the land are not enforced, people perish just like that. Let’s not wait, if we do, tomorrow might be too late. It might be you or I our dead bodies being speculated like that on social media tomorrow. We may think that it cannot happen to us, because we do not take public transportation or ragged minibuses, but let us remember that sometimes we might be caught in the midst of a chain reaction or trying to evade an accident and end up in one.

Or give me direct email ya Peter Mutharika please, so I can forward my grievances to him myself. What is the point of stabbing him in the back? I would rather him know that I am not happy with his administration rather than just calling him names. I know that some people on this forum are close to him and have his contact. Give it to me or send these messages to him. My name is Milika Violet Nkosi. I am fed up of seeing people dying in my country in their large numbers like that, unnecessarily. That is uncalled for.

Road accident: Unknown motor vehicle kills man in Dowa

How can one be sleeping at Sanjika and enjoying life, when innocent citizens are suffering in all angles of life. They can hardly make ends meet, no real ambulances anywhere in the country. This has to end. People are left for dead pamseu, because of lack of emergency services. I don’t even know if we have functional hospitals anymore. Instead of people enjoying life as it was intended, they are always on their knees crying, “Ambuye mubwera liti?” So pathetic! I will shut up if someone gives me Mutharika’s contact information. Please in box me on 5743863982.

In other countries as we saw in the video where the priest collapsed, while preaching, people rushed to help him and they started CPR straight away, but what do we do in emergency situations in my Warm Heart of Africa? We spectate and take pictures without making any effort to help the victims. There was a lady with broken bones, who was still breathing at the Mtengo WA Nthenga accident scene. She sat beside the crushed car in agony and shock with spectators all around her. More than two other cars were seen in the video, nobody made an effort to rush the victims to the hospital right, which was right under their nose. I have seen this kind of behavior too many times. Many people die due to delayed help or negligence. Please, let’s change our altitude.

One of us here witnessed the Mzuzu Ekwendeni tragedy, which happened a year or two ago, she wanted to perform CPR on a lady whose life could have been saved, but the so called officials pushed her away, even after she identified herself as a nurse. They did not care to hear anything from this highly trained registered nurse. Our officials seem to enjoy seeing people in agony or die on the roads unnecessarily.

Have a heart Mr Mutharika! I thought they say you were a professor in the USA. Did you not learn anything from the American government, how it takes care of citizens. It provides 911 services. At least enforce the laws of the land. Vindalama mukudzikundikirabzo tsivizakupulumutsani mukadzankhala ndi heart attack. Did you not learn anything from the death of your brother? He died due to lack of emergency medications, while his butt was seating on billions of dollars. Did that money save him? No!! Are you so sensitized to seeing unnecessary deaths of Malawians, like you have made us all to be?

On the other hand most of the things do not change, because of us citizens. We do not tell our leaders the truth. We like to make noise in secret. What we should know is that our leaders are not mind readers. We are their ears and eyes. We should be able to tell them what is keeping us awake at night.

From Milika Violet Nkosi, Concerned Malawian at heart.

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