Mutharika and Everton Chimulirenji
Peter Mutharika has chosen Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Everton Chimulirenji

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Arthur Peter Mutharika has chosen Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Everton Chimulirenji,

I am delighted to submit our nomination papers today. And it is the will of God that this day should come. This day assures all Malawians that I am here to continue leading this country from poverty to prosperity. But our journey from poverty to prosperity depends on the choices we make.

This Election is going to be a watershed in the history of this nation. This year, we will to choose between taking Malawi forward, and taking Malawi back. We will choose between building this country and destroying everything we have begun.

But I have faith in the people of this country. When we found this country broken, bruised and economically wounded, we chose to fix and heal our economy. When we found this country in a crisis, we chose to regain our national pride and economic confidence to drive forward our country.

Now we are set to take Malawi to new heights. We have set the stage for making Malawi a prosperous nation. Now, we look forward to five more years of improving the economy, improving businesses, improving the quality of life for every Malawian.

  • Five more years of creating a skilled Malawi, opening new companies, creating more jobs for the Youth!
  • Five more years of industrializing Malawi, empowering our farmers, empowering our Youth and women!

We look forward to five more years of delivering more roads, connecting us to better hospitals, better markets and connecting us with our people.

  • Five more years of delivering rural electricity to more homes, more shops, more schools and more hospitals in more communities.
  • Five more years of delivering more decent homes for vulnerable children, men and women in our villages!
  • Five more years of reducing the suffering of the poor by empowering them with social cash transfer and public works programmes.
  • Five more years of improving conditions of our teachers, our nurses, our police officers, our soldiers and the public service.


But remember, Elections will come and go. This campaign will come and go. But Malawi will remain our country. You and I will always be Malawians. Therefore, let us engage in civilized politics in the spirit of peace, love and unity.

We are all Malawians! One Malawi, one choice! Taking Malawi forward!

Tiyeni tiyende pamodzi, ndi mtima umodzi!

May God Bless you all
May God Bless Malawi


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