By Burnett Munthali, Contributor

This is good news to hear that the Chinese national Lu Ke also known as Susu has been arrested in Chipata, Zambia. The Department of Immigration in has Zambia is professional, hardworking and committed to its job. Thumbs up !

Although Lu fled Malawi after a BBC Africa Eye investigation revealed that he was exploiting children by telling them to appear in his videos, including one in which the children chanted “I am a black monster and my IQ is low,” he forgot this planet is a small place especially when you have committed such an offence which has surprised and angered many people the world over. There’s no hiding place.

Chinese racist Lu Ke arrested in Zambia

Congratulations to the Zambian authorities for the job well done. Lu Ke is the man we have been looking for after he insulted Africans so badly. Zambia is part of Africa where they also feel insulted because of the racist videos. Africa is just one country. Finally he is in the cage waiting to be brought back to Malawi and we would like to see justice prevailing on this end.

I am disturbed at the same time that the Chinese national fled the country using uncharted routes. I suspect certain Malawians played a hand and helped him escape. I doubt if Susu sneaked on his own using unchartered routes.

We are watching with keen interest as Lu Ke will be brought back to Malawi to face the law.

But just wait a minute. This is Malawi and we may watch just another drama from our corrupt Police Service and courts where we block the elite from facing arrest, investigation and prosecution. Some officers may release this culprit again under very questionable circumstances. That will be another huge disappointment after African Malawians have been heavily insulted as “monsters with low IQ.” Come on Malawi, we can do better than this. We are watching the police and courts on this matter.

The many videos shot by Lu Ke at Njewa, should be gathered ready to be used against him in court. The hundreds of videos which Lu Ke sold for K77 million should all he drained back to Malawi as he answers charges in court. The law should drag him until he is left penniless on this case so that he learns a bitter lesson. He should be charged all possible charges accordingly.

Malawi it’s your time. Rise and stand up for your rights and march to the Chinese Embassy in your largest numbers today protesting over the dehumanising treatment of Malawian children and the nation at large by Chinese.

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