By Chrissy Nkumba

LILONGWE (MaraviPost)-A call has gone out to the government to remove some levies on fuel that contribute high cost of the commodity

Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) statement which is made available to The Maravi Post indicates the increase of fuel prices in Malawi since December last year of which Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) decided to hold increases for reasons better known by themselves.

This was despite the law or regulations demanding MERA to adjust prices of fuel once they are above or below five percent threshold.

According to the statement signed by CAMA Executive Director John Kapito, failure to adjust fuel prices has resulted In the depletion of the price stabilization fund (PSF) resulting in the huge losses by the oil marketers.

Kapito observes that both diesel and petrol prices have gone up by an average of 25% which is huge to be affected at once.

He added that the move will be one of the biggest that will affect consumers who are ready experiencing serious economic challenges and high cost of living.

“The only reason MERA and government are reluctant to increase prices of fuel is based on political persuasion rather than economical and the implications of such poor judgement is retrogressive to both economy and consumers,” Kapito said.

The statement also states that during political Campaign the current leadership promised to have reduced prices during its tenure which is unfortunately not working they had wished but they have advised the government to move from dreams to reality and do necessary things that can help the economy of Malawi grow.

“The current and suffers badly from decision making and that has a huge cost on running government affairs and no wonder Malawi are experiencing economic challenges due to lack of good political and Economic, the question that’s consumers are asking is where is the leader.

“Has Malawi government gone so bankrupt with ideas that it can differentiate between bad and good? We repeat remove the levies and adjust fuel prices in Malawi as Malawians cant afford a negative price stabilization fund( PSF), “he said

Meanwhile they have repeated that holding the prices of fuel will hurt the Consumers more than implementing them.

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