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“Chakwera fails to deliver as is locked in MCP’s vicious circle that controls him”- Former Salima Central legislator Felix Jumbe speaks out

Chakwera and Jumbe

….”The only crime I committed in MCP for hatred was to contest against Chakwera in the 2013 convention-Jumbe

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Salima Central lawmaker Felix Jumbe has come out saying his former party hates him till now following open defiance against Reverend Lazarus Chakwera in the 2013 convention.

Jumbe disclosed that after the 2013 convention, the party was captured by Renaissance; MCP’s new blood led by Eisenhower Mkaka who made sure that all old guards be removed from the party.

The former MCP Campaign Director Jumbe told The Maravi Post in an exclusive interview over the weekend that whoever competed against Chakwera was labeled as “Nkholokolo”.

Jumbe disclosed that since 2013 despite campaigning for Chakwera’s presidency in 2019, he continued to face resistance from MCP’s new blood without any reason.

“Prior to the 2013 convention, The Daily Times carried an opinion poll that revealed that I was leading by 40% against Chakwera’s 38%. But came convention, Mkaka’s Renaissance group took over elective indaba to favor Chakwera. This did not stop me from supporting him. I was given a campaign director portfolio that I even used with resources to advance Chakwera’s agenda throughout the country for the 2014 Presidential elections.

“Under my leadership as MCP campaign director, the party managed to increase the number of Members of Parliament (MPs) from 25 to 55 in the 2014 elections. After Chakwera lost the 2014 Presidential elections, I continued to support him as leader of the opposition in Parliament but I faced resistance by the same group within the party,” explains Jumbe.

Former Salima Central lawmaker adds, “Despite resistance from within MCP, I became Agriculture Committee on Agriculture from 2014 to 2016 until Dzoole Mwale hated me so much to move committee motion to impeach but the moved failed to materials. The party leadership eventually moved me to Defence which was not my area of focus.

“Due to the same hatred within MCP new blood, the same 2016, I was expelled alongside others (Chatikha Chidzanja Nkhoma) from the party through a press conference. Chatikha challenged the party in court and she was reinstated. But I did not protest against expulsion keeping in mind that the new MCP blood wanted me out of the party”.

Jumbe disclosed further, “Out of desperation and default, I joined the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in 2018 when its leader Peter Mutharika identified my expertise in Agriculture I was eventually appointed as Agriculture Development Market Corporation (ADMARC) General Manager.

“After Chakwera won the 2020 Presidential polls, I was very happy to serve the person I campaigned for in previous elections. But had I known, the same MCP new blood led by Kusamba Dzonzi as ADMARC board chairperson rudely fired me from the corporation on his first day of office without any reason.

“I was fired when ADMARC procured 130,000 metric tones of fertilizer from a South African agent which gave Malawi US$100 million advance payment through National Bank and FDH bank. The fertilizer was armed to be sold at MK25,000.00 per 50 kilogram for the 2020/2021 growing season. After Chakwera canceled the deal, everyone knew exactly what had been happening on fertilizer and ended up buying it in the butchery”.

Jumbe said he has been trying to help the party with economically sound pieces of advice for delivery leadership under the Tonse Alliance banner but Chakwera himself chose not to take any hence the mess.

“Chakwera can not deliver anything tangible as he has been locked in MCP’s vicious circle with those personal interests, not for the nation. The MCP’s new blood vicious circle dictates Chakwera anything. This is the reason Chakwera don’t make a bold decision as Malawi leader only lip services; sugarcoating speeches, tours, and trip without clear output or results.

“Malawi currently needs an economically sound leader for proper structural adjustments to invigorate growth through agriculture. The economy is currently driving anything in the world.

“We don’t need traditional individuals who don’t have anything on economy lead nations. You end up messing the way Chakwera and Tonse have done. MCP and Tonse administration expertise within despite external support from us. Malawian must do away with tribalism, and regionalism when putting in leadership,” appeals Jumbe.

The Maravi Post will publish further articles on Jumbe’s next move of action ahead of the 2025 General Elections

This is the first exclusive interview Jumbe offered after being removed from ADMARC three years ago.


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