More than a year ago an unprecedented mini-revolution took place in Nigeria whose minimal success far outweighed its failure. Last year October thousands of young and mobile Nigerians took to the streets (especially in the southern part of the country) protesting peacefully against the storied atrocities of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). SARS, prior to its forced disbandment, had become a killing human machine, torturing, maiming, extorting and brutally executing many Nigerians with impunity.

The notorious squad had killed thousands extra-judicially extorting billions of Naira after organized abductions. They became ‘professionals’ involved in settling land disputes and civil frictions. They mounted roadblocks at wee hours of the night framing folks up and dispossessing them of their valuable material possessions.

The #EndSARS massive demonstrations across southern cities jolted the Muhammadu Buhari repressive oppressive administration into tepid actions. SARS was summarily banned and other concessions were made on paper towards reforming the corrupt ineffective federal police force.

However, as the determined non-violent protesters were insisting for more concessions and reforms, unsatisfied with the federal government’s measures put in place to curb the excesses of the security agencies, a massacre happened on the 20th day of October last year culminating in an anti-climax. More than a dozen folks united by a common cause were brutally attacked by soldiers at Lekki Toll-Gate Plaza in Lagos!

One report online then had alleged how at least 20 bodies of victims massacred by operatives of the Nigerian Army were secretly moved to the Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) mortuary in Yaba. When civilian democratic authorities at the state or federal levels invited over a killing squad to quell a civilian uprising nothing less could have been expected.

Source saharareporters

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