Few Yoruba politicians who are profiteers of Fulani minority rule still believe in one Nigeria. These few elites with the collaboration and cooperation of traitors among Yorubas make Fulani domination easy and possible. Majority of Yoruba people are in a hurry to leave Nigeria for Oduduwa Nation.

Nigeria is not practicing democracy but minoritarianism. Political Science defines minoritarianism as a “political structure or process in which a minority segment of a population has a certain degree of primacy in that entity’s decision making.” This is true in the case of Fulani minority and domination. The ability to attain power by the Fulanis is primarily dependent on dominating the army. They rely on authoritarian and oppressive government structure to legitimize itself by creating a unified identity among the Fulanis.

The Fulani dominant minority or elite dominance, as a minority group, has overwhelming political and economic dominance in Nigeria. Because the Fulanis are nomadic migrants from nowhere, they can best be described as alien elites. The Fulani dominance came at the cost of 61 years of unstable country and rancorous government. Fulani minority rule brought us bloodthirsty dictators like Sanni Abacha, Ibrahim Babangida, and now The Butcher of Aso Rock, Muhammadu Buhari.

The Fulanis with their political ingenuity successfully managed to suppress the Hausas. It used to be Hausa-Fulani many years ago. But after the Fulanis effectively neutralized the Hausas, the Fulanis permanently dominate them and all you hear these days is Fulanis. There’s no mention of Hausas. They have become invisible, more or less extinct. With the suppression of the Hausas beyond their wisest dreams, the Fulanis embarked on repeating the same political magic wand on Yorubas and Igbos. Again, so far so good! To a large extent, they have established their dominance on Yoruba and Igbos. 

The domination is total. The Fulanis control anything controllable in Nigeria. I mean everything you can think of. In the Senate, the House, executive, judiciary, NNPC and other federal agencies and corporations, name it. Yoruba now suffers from an excess of minority rule. For example, the House of Reps and Senate are by design of the Fulani written 1999 Constitution as amended, a grotesquely unrepresentative body that amplifies the power of the minority Fulanis at the expense of majority Yorubas and Igbos. Which is why the Fulanis are so scared of a new Constitution and other reforms that will automatically chip away their minority power, privileges, and domination.

There’s none of the politicians being advertised as presidential candidates, has the moral courage, the political will, or the revolutionary fervor to undo all the illegal and unconstitutional damage done by the Fulanis and install a true federalism. More importantly, there’s no basis for our unity and oneness as a country. It bears repeating that Yorubas, Igbos, and Hausa-Fulanis are not the same people. We have nothing in common. The three major tribes are unique, distinct and totally different in everything. This is why we cannot get along after 61 years of independence. And we will never get along. 

We all know the Fulanis are hell scared for the break up of Nigeria because they have everything to loose. The Yorubas and Igbos have everything to gain. The is the reason why freedom of speech, freedom of press, and the right to self-determination are violently violated and freedom fighters and other critics of the Fulani terrorists government are being hunted, arrested, jailed or killed, by the The Butcher of Aso Rock.

The conduct of the minority Fulani rule is oppressive and prejudicial to the interests of the majority. The events of late and the great cataclysmic awaiting Nigeria as we inch toward 2023 convinced the most skeptical among us that the Fulani minority rule and oppression cannot last in Nigeria. Oduduwa Nation is imperative!

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